High School Ballbusters

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    It had to be done…and who else besides Ballbusting Legends Nude (www.clips4sale.com/31931) would bring you clips of high school girls kicking and kneeing balls? BB Legends is extremely happy to announce two great recent clips of 18-year-old Seniors in high school ruthlessly kicking guys straight in the balls and loving it!

    The first of these clips is: “Liz’s 18th birthday Present†featuring the incredible sister duo of Debbie and Liz. Although we have previously released two nude clips with the amazingly sexy and brutal 18 year old Liz, this was the first nude ballbusting clip she actually shot with us. The story here was that back in the fall of last year we found this incredibly hott blonde (Debbie) with just amazing t-n-a who loved to bust balls and threw some of the most vicious knees in all of ballbusting. After she shot with us she let us know that she had this beautiful sister who thought that kicking a guy's groin mercilessly sounded like pretty much the greatest thing ever. But alas, we had to wait until she was legal, and thus this clip comes about- Liz kicking nude balls for the first time on her 18th Birthday! Both girls look absolutely amazing, have a great time and you are just going to love the way Liz throws her entire body into a ballbust- pound for pound she's got to be one of the biggest hitters in ballbusting! Check it out at www.clips4sale.com/31931.

    The second of these clips is: Who Wants to be a Ballbuster? High School Edition: Isabella vs. Hallie. The lovely duo of 18-year-old high school seniors, Isabella and Hallie, return in this great clip. These girls are the hott chicks who you wished would kick you in the balls back in high school! In this show, the girls each get four knees, four kicks, and four punches to the bb pets testicles......whoever can put him to the floor the most time, wins! Hallie's natural boobs are a truly one of the natural wonders of the modern world- her cleavage is just amazing, particularly during the punching round. Isabella has the beautiful legs and ass that are just made to kick a set of testicles mercilessly- and she connects with some brutal barefoot kicks in this show. Definitely a must-see for those who enjoy watching beautiful teenage girls kick balls mercilessly! (i.e. everyone) www.clips4sale.com/31931.

    Finally, for Regan and Lilly fans we have a real treat- fan favorite Regan squares off against Lilly in “The Testicle Rupturing Contestâ€. Simply put, Lilly is the deadliest ballbuster that you will ever seen, and an absolute beauty with a body to die for as well.

    Once again, check out all of these great clips at: www.clips4sale.com/31931.
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