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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by littlegirl1111, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. littlegirl1111

    littlegirl1111 New Member

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    Hi everyone :) I am a girl who is almost 20 and I have been with my boyfriend since I was 16. I am looking for people who can give me advice and also talk to me about BDSM in general.

    I am a very submissive girl naturally even outside of the bedroom, I am very feminine cook, clean, etc. I love to do everything my man says since he is very good to me. He also likes traditional girls who are the submissive one in the relationship. I also naturally act younger than my age, I get most of my clothes from the little girls section since that is the size that fits me, I love ruffles, lace, the color pink, etc. I'm quite little girl-ish in my mannerisms. In contrast he is a quite dominant and while he likes to be the boss of me, he also cares for me and really gives me a lot of love. People think the relationship that we have is wrong because we are not "equals." But the people who think this are people who have terrible relationships, have been cheated on and treated badly before!

    In the bedroom we do a bit of light bdsm behaviour, like he pulls my hair, bites me, spanks me, scratches my skin with his fingernails and I love all that stuff. He enjoys this quite a bit. We also do age play like he treats me as though I am a little girl. He is much more experienced sexually than I am. I would really like to up it a bit because I have been researching bdsm and I really like the way all of it sounds. When I talk to him about it he says he would feel bad if he hurt me. I want him to do more intense bdsm behaviour in the bedroom but he says he doesn't want to because he doesn't want to hurt me. What can I do or say? I would really like to try it with him.

    If you can give me advice I would appreciate it I want to start doing more bdsm stuff and I am quite new to it. Thanks alot!!!
  2. littlegirl1111

    littlegirl1111 New Member

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    Can't anyone give me some advice???
  3. subby89

    subby89 New Member

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    You should agree on a safe word like 'red' for example, for you to say if it goes further than you want, which means he stops immediately.

    Also, theres plenty of things you can do that are fun that dont hurt, unless you specifically want pain. You could try some light bondage with bondage tape or silk rope, or anything soft you have already like ties, pantyhose etc. Blindfolds too.

    You could try deepthroating him with your hands tied behind your back.

    Or you could get him to hogtie you and suck him like that.

    Or you could try restrictive clothing like a tightlaced corset, or extra high stilettos.

    You could get him to cum on your face, then you scoop it into your mouth with your finger or his, thats quite submissive.

    You could also dress up as a naughty little girl who wears more revealing clothing than she should, something like a cute mini skirt and thong, with high heels.
    Then he could tell you how naughty you are for dressing like that, and bend you over his knee, pull your skirt up and spank your bottom.

    Saying things like 'what are you?', "i'm a naughty little girl", 'and what happens to naughty little girls?', "they get spanked and have to do what they're told" Then you could say "thankyou" for each spank, and he could say "Do you deserve spanking harder?", you say "yes, sir", then he says "you're enjoying this aren't you, you like getting spanked don't you?", "yes, sir", "yes i know, i can feel how wet you're getting, theres only one thing to sort out naughty little girls like you, and thats a good fucking! now bend over..."
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