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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by sluttysub, May 23, 2010.

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    I know it can take a while to pull a vanilla partner into this world, but I have to say, I think my husband is progressing very well considering it's only been about a month. I'm so excited!

    He's beginning to understand that I truly do enjoy submitting to him, and he likes it. He hasn't yet given me a list of rules or anything, but he has become much more demanding through out our daily life. He tells me daily what he expects to be done, whether they are normal chores that I typically do or an out of the blue chore. Just the other day, 7:30 at night, he told me to go clean the bathroom (even though I had just scrubbed it two days ago). Oh, the smile and look of amusement I recieved when I obeyed him right away. Got a good reward that night too. ;) He's starting to test the waters, trying to see just how far he can go. He probably thinks I'll tell him to fuck off and do it himself, lol. I absolutely love it when he has me do simple things just for him though. He hasn't yet brought in any discipline, but boy, the disapproving look he gives can nearly bring me to tears. I am definitely learning to be more respectful towards him. (I never realized some of the things I said and did...)

    And for a man so "set against" inflicting any pain, he's doing pretty darn good. The spankings are fantastic, he's not afraid to let go now and can leave my behind burning for quite a while after we're finished. We've talked about the belt, and he's toying with the idea. Although, as eager as I am to try it, the thought of the experience does make me very nervous. We of course tried the choking once (and next time will be using L8Night's fantastic advice), and last night he slapped my breasts. Very new one for him (and me) but it was fantastic. There are so many things he's willing to try (and even suggest). He's developed quite a technique and it drives me wild! The bedroom has become a very fun place to be (not that is wasn't before ;) ), and his sex drive is way, way up. :D

    I think the best outcome from all of this though, is the quality of our relationship. I know we're still in the honeymoon stages with all this, but we have never been happier than we are now. We fight so much less, in fact, we've only had one argument in the past month (it use to be a couple a week). We're no longer feeling defensive towards one another and the fight for control over our relationship is gone. The communication has improved drastically as well. He is quite a happy man, and he has quite a happy wife. :)

    Sorry all, I'm just feeling very happy and excited this morning, so I just had to share. :D
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    That's awesome! I'm happy for you! Letting him go at his own pace is important. He seems to be doing great!

    Use a belt! I got my first belting a week ago and loved it! I hope he decides to try it. Let me know when you get this fantastic experience!
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    I'm so happy for your relationship.
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    Glad to hear it how well your relationship is progressing. You seem really happy.
    Always nice to hear about positive experience!
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    It is a great feeling, my bride has give n herself to me. It is not a 24/7 life, but we have never had a problem in general. I think I can count on one hand the amount of fights we have had in 21 years together.

    You can follow her progression here, not trying to take away from your post, just letting you know there are others out there starting up.

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