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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by thelearner, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. thelearner

    thelearner New Member

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    Hello everyone. I'm about to begin training with my first proper master and his mistress. I am scared as pain is not something I've experienced before. Can anyone tell me of any helpful websites or other forums for subs that would be helpful for support?
    Also has anyone got any information or help on cunt torture? Any help would be very appreciated!
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  2. DM65

    DM65 New Member

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    communicate with your doms exactly what you have said here,....very few start out as pain sluts,..some never take to it,'s fine..doesnt make you any less of a sub, the training process..a dom will intertwine the pleasure and the pain in small doses,.until it becomes one,...

    one of the best subs i ever had hated pain...and it made "her" a better sub because of it, a matter of fact she almost never got punished,..why?..because she never did anything wrong....a real dom wont punish for a the sake of's teaches the sub that requardless of her actions (whether she pleases the dom or not) she will get punished for it!!..ha!!..the sub cant win!!..who the hell would stay in that situation!

    be very very careful with your submission,...we all have heard stories of the sadist dom who hides behind "dom-don"...theres also the dreaded online dom...who has no real experience,..and plans to experiment on you!

    best of luck on your search.
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