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    Hi everybody.:)

    First of all: I apologize for my bad english, but I’m italian and my reminiscences of the english language are not so recent.

    Maybe someone could help me.
    I’d like to post in this site some pictures and movies of myself and I’d like to start a blog somewhere.

    I need some suggestions about several things:
    1. I’d like to post here some previews of pictures, and some links which open directly the picture. With rapidshare it’s impossible, ‘cos you must pass through the download window, so I think I’ll use it only for movies. To post pictures in the way I’ve said, I think I need a web space. Do you know some? I don’t need that it’s free, but I’d like if it was anonymous (elsewhere… what I risk if I give ‘em my name etc.?).
    2. About the blog, I noticed Shutterfly (that’s used by some of you, as I’ve seen). It’s alright, but in their terms and conditions they say not to post obscene material. So I think they’ll shut my blog as soon as I’ll post the first pictures!!! Is it so or they turn a blind eye to this thing?

    Thank a lot in advance to anyone that will answer and advise me.
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    Well, searching around with more attention, I found that it's possible to load pictures directly here (as you can see).
    So the point number 1 is solved!
    Now... would someone suggest me something about point 2?

    Anyway... now I can say "hello"!

    I'm a 43 old italian male, interested in anything concerning SM world.
    In my life I had several real experiences as master and as slave.
    My first one were two experiences as master, with two of my girlfriends.
    Then I had some experiences as slave, both with mistresses and masters.
    Now I'm in a relation whitout SM games and I miss this world!
    So I often play sessions of self punishment, and I record them with my photo cam.
    I've found this site and I thought it could be exciting to show my pictures to everyone.
    Now I do't want to annoy you, but soon I'll start a thread in the right session of this forum, where I'll post my pictures and my movies.
    That's all, I think.

    Don't forget.... suggestions about the blog!

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    I'm the one who writes here. Well, it doesn't seem so encouraging! :)
    Anyway... Rapidshare, *******... which is the best site to upload big files?
    Thanks a lot to anyone that will answer!

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