Help my mistress

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    Help my mistress
    Tonight I got punished for touching myself without her permission. She took off my stalkings because she knows how sexy those make me feel and took me up to the bathroom. There she told me to get naked, crawl in the tub, and get on my hands and knees with my ass facing the shower spout. there she proceeded Chinese water torcher on my ass hole, adjusting the water temprature from freezing cold to scolding hot. I could tell by her comments that she was enjoying seeing me sit in the tub like a dog on all fours. I have learned my lesson well. Never touch without mistresses permission.

    Now to contue my Punishment she is making me write this and tell you all about every punishment she inflects on me from her on out. She would love ideas for new punishments. In return you will get to read about this slaves misfortunes, and pleasures.

    My mistresses few limits include, pee, poop, hanging things from my balls because that's her favorite play toy, illegal, permanent.

    Her likes include anal on me, dressing me in panties, women's stalkings, corsets, some pain, spanking, whipping, using toys on me, making me her puppy on a lead and collar. Making me her whore, tying me to the bed.

    Also we will post pics to our diary to erase any doubt that we are a real life Dom/slave couple and for your enjoyment

    So please reply back soon so you get to hear about our next session using our ideas!

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