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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Foto66, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Foto66

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    Just joined, love the board, have 10 t0 15 yrs experience as a Dom, currently have a 25 yr old sub in training. From reading the board the last few days its obvious people are always looking for new ideas. I try to make our sessions a little fun and create anticipation. For example, I have a session planned for tomorrow, I will prepare 6 brown paper bags, ea one will hold something different, a fat heavy belt for her ass, a slim , thin belt to sting her thighs, a rubber flogger, anal beads, a dildo and bambu skewers ( a real fun toy). I will allow her to pick the bags, some bring pain, some pleasure, we both enjoy it, never know whats coming next.

    A deck of cards also comes in handy. When she picks the butt belt, ( AND SHE WILL ), we normally administer 10 blows to each cheek. From the deck of cards I will select 4 = 10's, 2- 9's, 2- Jacks, 1 Ace and 1 two. Will shuffle and allow her to pick a card, there is a 40% chance she will get the usual 10 blows, a 20% chance she will get 9, 20%
    chance she will draw the Jack for 11 blows. There is a 10% chance she will draw the Ace, if this happens she gets 20 blows per cheek, There is also a 10% chance she will draw the 2 in which case she only receives 2 blows per cheek ( Notice ther is no scenario where she gets off sct free )

    It adds some fun and suspense to the session, once she picks her card we will gradually reveal the other cards first which adds to the suspense.

    Know this is not earthbreaking news or a never thought of approach but it works for us so I thought I would share....Foto66
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  2. Zandar

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    Hi and welcome.

    About the deck of cards: I probably would replace those by a number of dice. Add more dice for higher punishments. Chaotic as I sometimes am, I probably would lose track of which cards have been used or not and I dont want to be busy with that.

    I like the bag thing. I can see the fun in that and probably would do / try something like that in the future, but something inside me tells me I end up not doing what I prepared anyway as always :p
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  3. SilenceMyPet

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    We're also newbies on this site as well as fairly new at these sort of games. foto66, if you have any other ideas you'd be cool with sharing then please let us know. We'd love to be able to try some new things!

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