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    Hi there, my name is Tom and it's nice to meet you guys. My good buddy is in prison and I wanna help him find a good woman who shares his tastes for BDSM. I am a newbie at much of this so forgive me if I ask dumb questions and sound like a moron :) . Brian cannot do his own profile because he in currently in a Virginia prison for a serious crime. I knew the situation that occurred and what led up to it and the charge and conviction was not justice compared to the actual crime committed in anger. I will say no more about that at this time due to privacy concerns but if you have any questions for me about Brian, I will be happy to answer. The only thing I ask is for no petty drama, because the environment he is in is very negative and I don't want to add to that. I get the deal with BDSM - the fantasy and pushing the bounds and that's cool with me. Brian is not a stalker or some guy who is gonna ruin your life, I would not be his good friend if I did not know him and I pick my friends very selectively. I also believe in forgiveness and helping people better themselves. That said, it would be good for Brian to share with someone his preferences to help him deal with his situation and make good friends hopefully. If you are interested in contacting him, I can give you his address at the prison. He cannot use the internet right now, so either you must contact him directly if you choose, or I can pass along a message until you feel comfortable sending snail-mail. The picture in the profile is his pic from a couple years ago, don't worry he is not going bald, he just doesn't want to get lice in there ! :eek: I know he likes to Switch and loves anal and cock/ball torture but I know there is a lot more i just haven't asked him yet. If you wish to contact Brian, I thank you for helping. If you do not, I understand your choice and respect that. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from one of you fine ladies. :fingers-crossed:

    Tom :cool:

    ps. I forgot to ask - if this site isn't a good site for this, are there any other ones that you guys recommend? I signed up for some BDSM Library forum but I can't access it anymore.
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    Collarme.com is a very active site. Very. Check that out.
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    Okay, holy shit you got angry about that. You got 83 views, and no one had relevant needs or information. It happens. I have an OkC profile and get probably hundreds of profile views in between messages some days. Sometimes people just aren't interested. This is not a 'bullshit site,' it is a site that is divided between discussion and porn, thus it has very little use of the Personals section.

    Like Lillith said, you should try looking on CollarMe, or just a vanilla dating site with a profile filled out for kinky people to admire.

    However, if you're looking to find something perfect in under a week, as implied in your replies, I'd suggest you just get him some porn instead. It takes time to find people.

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