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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Prissy, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Hello everyone upon the smplace forums. Many people here may not know me, and that is fine. Many people, however, do know me. This here is for everyone that is willing to my apology.

    Many months ago I was a very rebellious person beginning my journey, and along the way, I complained a lot, I rebelled, and worst of all..., I lied. I have to admit some of my wrongdoings were unforgivable, and I don't expect them to be forgiven. I don't expect those who were once my friend, to forgive me as though nothing had happened. I am only human, and because of that trait it took me a long time to realize many of my faults.

    I am here today, to apologize. Everyone I am sorry for what I have done, and I will hope that I never hurt anyone again. I am through lying, cheating, and rebelling. please accept my apologies.

    I have also come back, to ask for a second chance. I will understand if I am not welcome back, but it is in my hopes, that I can and will once again be a member of this lovely family.

    Once again, I apologize for my wrongdoings, and I am sorry for how it has effected everyone.

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    I may be new here, but I read through a bunch of the posts regarding this issue. Honestly, for the greater good of the community, I feel that you returning would negatively impact the mostly-tranquil and supportive environment we have here. If we have votes, there's mine.
  3. Sashalust

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    While I commend you for coming here and posting this apology, since it shows that during your time away from here there has been some growth. Yet despite all of this I am going to have to say that it would be best for the community if you did not come back to the site. While you have been gone the site has grown quite a bit and though I myself am not as active here I do keep tabs on what is going on through contact with other members. When you were here there was nothing but drama for many and despite being given several chances to get yourself in control and even apologizing once before you continued.

    So I am sure you can understand why I am leery of this apology, I mean it seems heart felt but then again so did the last one. For the sake of everyone who has come to call this site a second home I am going to have to say that it is not ok for you to come back so that Smplace can continue with its growth.
  4. master jey

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    she has apologized not many can realise their fault so don't be such a cold hearted bitches
    wtf is wrong with thet "i don't like you,the forum isn't same as it was now we are here bosses,you're not welcome"?
    so just...i'll vote for your stay.welcome back!

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    Hello Prissy. Hope you are ok. The only problem I see is how are people going to trust you here again? As has been mentioned, you apologised before, and here we are once more.
    End of the day, I guess it's up to admin.
    [Unless you want to do a poll], that would be interesting if you would like to risk it. :)

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    I highly suggest not calling me a bitch. Considering Prissy put the post on the forum, entitled "EVERYONE, please read", that is who she was addressing. Everyone. If she wanted this to be undercover or under the strict jurisdiction of JUST Sparrow, it should have been stated or done in private. I never ONCE said I was "the boss", simply stating that as a contributing member of this forum, that is my opinion. I hold no illusion of grandeur, I am not seeking "authority". As I said, she brought the post to ALL of us, not that I should HAVE to justify my opinions to you.
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  7. ReallyGreen

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    I think I missed an episode or something.
  8. kittengrey

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    I remember seeing the username, but I always skimmed through the posts, so I'm a little lost myself

    My vote = Up to Sparrow
  9. Death

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    I still don't get what she did. I asked about it several times but I never got a clear answer... and I do not feel like reading 800+ posts to find out, especially when the allegedly offending posts may have been removed.

    As for how your return would affect the forum... I liked this forum better back when I joined, almost a year ago, now. That's all I have to say.
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    The issue that i believe is being felt here is, as was stated in several posts, that we've seen this song an dance before. A heartfelt apology... but then the issue continued. Either way, there's no need to be rude about it. The posters you are referring to posted their opinion in a civil manner, after reading hundreds of posts or being directly impacted. I'd suggest, as a newer member since the prissy debacle, that you at least do the same.

    I've offered several times to explain it all to you, all you had to do was pm me. Instead you chose to go on a tyrade against me and the forum... lets not repeat the same mistakes.

    To those who haven't figured it out, this is a hot button issue with this forum. I'm not going to make a decision,and I'll continue to hear everyones opinion, until it becomes heated. At the first sign of drama, I will not hesitate to lock this and decide.

    While I would normally say that this is primarily for the older members who were here, We do have some very intelligent newer members who have taken the time to read older posts and can gather the gist of the situation, and state their opinion. I'm highly interested in hearing opinions from both.
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    My opinion.... How do you know she's not on this board posing as someone else already anyway? She can change ip addresses.. change usernames. Why go through the effort to block her.. if she really wants on here she'll just join as someone else. Instead.. how about this... if you don't like her just ignore her... you can see who posts a certain topic... don't visit her topics.. if she comments, don't even bother to read it.. just don't get involved in the drama should it arise.. I know I've got enough drama in my RL and don't need it online. I don't agree with everything that gets said on here and some comments people make or situations that arise here I think are way out in left field, but if it's something I don't want to get involved in or drama I don't need, I just hit the back button and move on to the next topic. That's the great thing about being a part of a discussion forum... it's a whole lot easier to ignore toxic people online than it is in RL. You don't want to have to ignore topics or skip over unpleasant comments? Tough.. We all have to be accountable for ourselves and the only way she can drag you into drama, debates, and all the unneccesary bullshit that went on is if you let her... End of my opinion :)
  12. sebastian

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    Since Sparrow has invited newer members to comment, I'll offer my thoughts. I've looked at some of the original posts, but will freely admit I have only a partial view of Prissy's actions and the controversy. Because of this, I have not ventured an opinion as to whether she ought to be readmitted.

    To those who are opposed to Prissy's return on the grounds that her presence will be disruptive to the forum, I will simply say that you have a point. Already there is some tension on the forum, as this thread makes clear. But to those who may be opposed to her return because she hurt or offended you, I would encourage you to consider forgiving her. The ability to forgive and show mercy are virtues that demonstrate true strength of character and both, it seems to me, have an important role with BDSM practice. Some people need to fail many times before they figure out how to succeed and correct themselves. But it is possible to forgive her and still feel that her presence is too disruptive.

    To Prissy, I would say that apologies are meaningless unless they are accompanied by a sincere intention to correct one's ways. Some at least feel that your apologies have been undermined by your failure to change your behavior. You alone know the truth of that, and if you have made changes, you should be proud of having done so. But trust, openness, and honesty are the bedrock upon with BDSM practice is built, and there are some here who seem to feel that they cannot trust you any longer. There is no room in BDSM for the sub who cried wolf. (Imagine if you routinely used your safewords simply to exercise control over your master. How long would your master feel comfortable playing with you? And would s/he ever be able to regain that comfort?) The members of this community discuss and engage in actions that society at large considers shameful, repulsive, unhealthy, and immoral. We need this forum to be a place where we can discuss our desires openly and with trust that others will respect our confidences. If we lose that, through the worry that we cannot trust some members, this forum cannot play its role and we are all the poorer for it. Even if your apologies have been honest and sincere, you may have to accept that your actions have so damaged your standing here that you cannot be readmitted. Should the forum choose to not readmit you, I would hope the you would try to learn the very painful lesson that you can be free of everything except the consequences of your actions (and your master's ropes), and that you would carry that lesson into the rest of your life.
  13. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Let me make one thing clear. I have been talking to Sparrow off and on since i left. if it was only up to him, i would have asked him politely. i do know, however, it isn't just his point of view that counts.

    i admit i went to another forum, while i was there, i have had long talks with the members there. i have even spoken to a counseller to get my priorities straight. if you wish i can get his email from him, and you all can ask him how i am progressing. but i am not saying i am perfect.

    i wasn't going to post a second time here, but i felt i should make it known why i joined the other forum.

  14. subspace

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    Hi Prissy, I am more than willing to extend a second chance and will simply assume that you are being trustworthy until proven otherwise. My ability to offer a second chance rides heavily on the knowledge that Sparrow is watching and will take care of the issue if it arises again and the forum will move on.

    Normally I would completly agree with you but this would simply not work if Prissy were to behave now in the same manner she did before. Ignoring was not really a possibility.

    Prissy, if you have changed not only the drama/lying aspect but also the monopolization factor too then I readily welcome you back and look forward to your contributions. I recognize that it takes a lot of courage to come back and open yourself up to criticism and I commend you for that, I do sincerely hope it will be different this time around so that you can enjoy the benefits of belonging to this small community once again.
  15. subspace

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    On a seperate note....
    Are you still with Master C, and if so what does he think?

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