has anybody practiced this with somebody?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Snake, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Snake

    Snake New Member

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    May the bust be so strong in order to sustain own body weigh in suspension?
    I have never seen such thing before, but when I saw it, I was shocked!
    I’d like to do the same with my slave, but I am very anxious as to the outcome...

    Tell me, please, has anybody practiced this with somebody? Do traumas happen often during this? May be there are some advices how to practice this without injuries???
  2. Zandar

    Zandar Member

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    .... Right... Due to some wrong button combination, I lost my post, so I had to re-write. I appologise to the lady's; In an effort to reproduce the 'content' of the post before I forgot, I left out the time to write in a decent way about your essets and I had limited time to post this already.. and god look what it took to re-write it already; arg... running... (this part added after the re-write)

    Is it 'good for the boob'? I doubt it. No, I dont have figures or did it, but just giving it some thoughts here.

    Let start with stating the obvious: Is it their primairy or secondary fuction to drag the rest of the body around? No.
    Now I know that didnt stop us from doing things with other body parts (piercing or plug anyone?) but still.

    Has it been done? If have seen various movies and pictures of it, so yes.

    It is a general known phenomenon that breasts start 'hanging' over the years. We blame gravity. Those 'things' vary from a few hunderd grams to a few kilo's. Even if you have the most skinniest girl with implants, the girl still is at least 10x the weigt of her breasts, so imagine the gravity pull if you decide to turn the 'girl lifting breasts' situation around. Also keep in mind the skin aint build for it and there are no supporting bones. Stretch the skin with related (staying) marks are a risk, and dont forget the organs inside.
    A copy paste out of this article on wikipedia:
    (this part I still had in copy-paste; lucky me)
    While you gather more information about this topic, a nice alternative till that time might be this:
    Dig up a few pictures / movies about this topic, let them 'excidently' left out on the open for her to find shortly before you go play, make sure she finds them and sees you correct this minor error just before you blindfold her and inform her about tonight bondage plans. The idea alone should set something in motion.
    If that is to soft, this might be a nice other alternative:
    If you aint lifting her, you dont have to tie her breasts up that much and dont do (possible) damage, but you can ofcourse make her stand on her toes for some time by lifting her breasts while you are ready to cut the rope if she fails doing so after some time / looses balance, to safe her from damaging her breasts; she doesnt need to know and the view should be nice.
  3. subspace

    subspace Member

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    You could come up with a suspension that would allow the majority of her body weight to be safely supported, a harness perhaps, with only a small portion of her weight pulling on her breast.
  4. Msboytoy

    Msboytoy New Member

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    That was freaking HAWT!
  5. WmaGuy

    WmaGuy Member

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    Rope suspension bondage is pretty intricate and often, what appears to be suspension via, hair breasts, neck, anal hook etc, is actually calculated weight distribution. I attended a "suspension seminar" many a moon ago and while fun and educational, there was a piece to the class which involved the clear and present danger of damage or worse from improper suspension. There were written and photographic reports given and though graphic, the presenters were able to redirect the class back to "fun stage" fairly easily, but it was good to have a reminder that some of the things we do involve a measure of danger and require a measure of caution.

    We only did intricate rope suspension a hand full of times - often resorting to simple leather suspensions over the more intricate and complex rope-work. In all cases however, pause and thought had to rule over eroticism in order to have safe play...There are dungeons which will not allow a couple to do any type of suspension whatsoever without an experienced suspension practitioner monitoring the suspension. There is a reason for this....
  6. Chrisofwar

    Chrisofwar New Member

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    Yes, It is very possible, and I've seen numerous videos that have featured it.

    Just to warn you though, there was a case I saw where a girls tits died because of how tight the rope had to be while doing this.
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  7. Sado_Dom

    Sado_Dom Member

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    I'd advise against it unless you have a lot of experience to do without permanent damage. We wouldn't want saggy tits now would we?

    Edit: oh this is a really old post lol
  8. iValinor

    iValinor New Member

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  9. Precious

    Precious Member

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    I just classify this in my 'painful' category..I am defiantly not a sub that will ever have this done
  10. Sado_Dom

    Sado_Dom Member

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    I classify it as mutilation.
  11. ickle_cat

    ickle_cat New Member

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    gonna bump this up a bit because my dom is hoping to do this with another sub who likes pain and is interested in breast bondage suspension.

    if anyone reads this and has any advice or expereince in this area, please reply to this thread with whatever you can add.

    thanks x
  12. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I don't have experience in this area (among other reasons, because the guys I like to play with don't have tits), but I'd advise you to do a _lot_ of reading about the risks before you start exploring this. All forms of suspension bondage are risky; the potential for serious injury is quite real. Remember that most bondage videos edit out the safety arrangements because they're not exactly sexy. And many videos involve an element of illusion, where what you're seeing is not really what's happening. (I remember one bondage video where the website said, three or four times, "do not attempt to reproduce this yourself. It's incredibly dangerous!"). So just because you've seen it in a video, don't assume you can reproduce it.
  13. ickle_cat

    ickle_cat New Member

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    yeah, this is the start of that research. if you have any idea where we can find information (books, websites, etc.) then that would be great if you could let me know. my dom is experienced in suspension on different types of women and very experienced with bondage in general, so we're working with someone who knows a lot but not neccecarily the specifics of breast bondage.

    he described what he wasnted to do and the suspension was to go around both breasts and the back of the neck (to prevent any slippage) and then be tied from a point above her sternum. she's not worried about pain but our concern here is permanant damage from mis-shaping the breasts.
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