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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by thinmint7, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. thinmint7

    thinmint7 Member

    Just curious to know some of your guys hard limits/soft limits.
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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    I think mine are pretty typical for a gay kinkster: no drugs, no women, no children, no scat, no blood, no unsafe sex. I also won't do breath play or fisting, which is a little less common, I think.
  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Mine are pretty simple. For reasons (I'm longwinded), here are also my soft limits and things I won't do.

    Hard limits (no, never): Scat, the involvement of anyone that does not/can not give consent*, objectively dangerous play**, racial fetishism

    Soft limits (with the right practice/partner/timing I'd do it): Watersports, pegging, multiple partners, blood, probably other things.

    Not quite limits but things I have no interest in trying, ever: Pregnancy/lactation fetish play, foot fetish play, glory hole, cuck/bull/hotwife play, and probably a lot more things.

    * This includes underage, animals, and random people in the general public
    ** I know this is why sometimes 'safe' in SSC is debated and whatnot. By this I refer to play without safety precautions, or play which can and most likely will lead to permanent bodily harm- for example, blood play usually falls into this category
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yeah, no violation of consent is important--pretty much goes without saying.
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Yes, and it's easier than saying underage, bestiality, public play, and all the other specific things that some people consider kinky that, well, aren't.
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  6. aussierimmer

    aussierimmer New Member

    No drugs, no drunks, nothing the other partner does not want, not into blood games (knives etc), extreme violence or harm to other partner
  7. jmianna

    jmianna Member

    Keep :)
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  8. luisaYa

    luisaYa Active Member

    extreme violence or harm to other partner
  9. viadelmare

    viadelmare Active Member

    We no want no coke, no heroin
    No hasch-hasch, no amfetamin
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  10. aughcer

    aughcer Member

    Mine hard limits are: anal play, crossdressing, serious cbt.

    Soft limits are: ballkicking, hard and long bondage.
  11. MissVeroniKa

    MissVeroniKa New Member

    My hard limits are changing frequently. I thought needles, mummification, and flogging were limits, but turns out I like them all after giving them a try.

    My limits change with experience, and I've found my hard limits are usually based in fear.

    Current hard limits: Scat, beastiality, cutting beyond a few layers of skin, hook suspension.
    Soft limits: anal, bondage, cunt torture.
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  12. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    That's a good point about limits. They often change and evolve as we become more experienced. I used to think that pup play was pretty weird and not something I would ever do. Now, I get why it's hot, and my slave and I have dabbled in it.
  13. Scatandfart

    Scatandfart New Member

    I had scat as my hard limit before. But after I was drunk and tried it with girlfriend I found out that I love it. Hard limits: no children, no vomit, no blood torture, no pretty little animals / no animals at all, no pregnant
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  14. Xion

    Xion Active Member

    extreme violence or harm to other partner
  15. scorpion11

    scorpion11 Active Member

    good explained

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