Happy new Year

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Infinia, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Infinia

    Infinia Member

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    Happy new year all

    Thought it be fun to post something with new years resolutions.
    I generally try to go for the achievable ones so here's mine to start it off.

    I'm going to get a house with mistress no more renting.
    I'm also going try harder at moving my limits so mistress doesn't have to hold back.
  2. Death

    Death Member

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    Yes, Happy New Year! :) At least it is, now, here in Sweden.

    My resolution... I will find the right girl for me, this year, without a doubt. No matter the difficulties I have faced, I will not allow my mind to dwell on it and start thinking that I am fated to be out of luck... because I am not.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    My resolution is to renew my commitment to working out. I slacked off a little since early August, so I need get back in the game.
  4. ranssub87

    ranssub87 New Member

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    Happy new year to all.

    I have two new year resolutions. I have been a bad girl and bitten all my nails off so I have to grow them again, I've bitten them since I was a young girl....grew them for my wedding and then bit them off so I'm going to try again.
    Also I'm going to try to tone my legs, bum and tum up again. I used to have a six pack so my ambition is to work back to that.

  5. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    My resolution is the same as always, to be the cutest! Sometimes I slack off in the winter because its cold and I just want to wear warm clothes, but I'm gonna keep working toward my ultimate cute goal!

    Also... get a good internship in animation!

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