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Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by Rok, Nov 9, 2011.

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    hello all. i really like sleeping(all night) in bondage/latex/chains and today i got me some metal handcuffs. when i put them on they feel really nice and sexy, i can lock it 2x or 3x, anymore than 3 times it gets quite tight on my wrist. so sleeping in them locked 2or3 times should be great. i always sleep sideways, but you never know how much you move at night, so i'm a little worried that i could acidentally bump them in some way and they would automatically lock much tighter and could hurt/make my hands numb and dangerous stuff like that. i was surfing the net and i see lots of people sleep in handcuffs(tied in front and behind back) so should i be worried or not? safety first as they say right...:nailbiting:
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    A set of police cuffs is always equipped with a double-lock, designed to stop the cuffs from tightening. The double-lock is a small button on the base of each cuff, which is pushed in using the pin on the key. It's opened when you unlock the cuffs.

    So far as I know, non-police cuffs do not have a double-lock. You can tell the difference between police cuffs and poor imitations because police cuffs have two links joining them; imitations usually have three. Real cuffs have a key that has a simple loop and a short pin at the back end; imitations often have three small loops and look sort of gothic. Don't ever use imitation cuffs, except for decoration; they often have sharp edges that can cut the wearer, and they're not strong enough to be safe.
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    thanks for the info. i sleept all night in them, about 6 hours tight behind my back + 3 hours in front, had no problems and it was great:love:

  4. Be careful how far you cinch them down as well prior to sleep.. The longer you remain in restraints the chance for swelling can take place and cause damage! Happy resting!
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    yeah i know, i like it tight, but not to tight, last night i had them quite tight so i had some nice marks...
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