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    Last weekend was pretty damned amazing. Annie and I had been swapping email for about four months. She’d read some stories I posted on xnxx, pretty heavy bdsm stuff, and wrote me, all “I just LOVE doing things like that!†I get a fair amount of email and I respond to most of them in the same way: put up or shut up. I sent Annie my standard opening gambit email: send one full-frontal nude shot — face to feet, one lingerie shot, then a series showing me cane marks across the fronts of your thighs and the backs of your calves.

    Most women run for the hills. Anne was different — the photos arrived within 48 hours. I knew I had a live one, now there was only one more problem: where did she live? It turned out that she was about an 18 hour drive south, too far for either of us to consider spending any serious time together, but close enough to tease ourselves with the possibilities.

    We had our first videochat the day after the photos arrived. It lasted four hours. By the time we finished, she was marked and exhausted. I left her with her ankles tied to the corners of her bed, her blindfold still on, and the vibrator humming between her legs. She told me the next morning she’d spent another full hour like that, not knowing I’d turned off my computer.

    Annie was insatiable. She performed each task I sent her eagerly. My favorites were the Friday and Saturday night shows. Annie would head to one of the local bars and pick up a guy, bring him back home, then have him wait while in the front room while she slipped into lingerie and cuffs. When he came into the room, she was kneeling beside the bed, a cane resting across her open palms, holding a letter in her teeth. The man would take the letter and read it. It explained that the computer on the desk was on, the camera pointed at the bed, and that I was on the other end watching. All he had to do if he wanted to take sweet Annie to bed was flog her with the cane: 20 times across the breasts, 20 times across the back of her thighs, and 40 times on the ass. After that, she was his to do with as he pleased. All night.

    Over the entire four months, only two men bolted. The rest caned her with various levels of enthusiasm, but all of them went wild once they got her naked on the bed. Annie was not only a pain and humiliation slut, but she was a hell of a fuck.

    All of which leads me to last weekend. Annie has to travel every so often for her job and she was coming to a town just an hour east of me. She would have four days to solve a problem for a client. I had her add three more days so we would have the weekend together.

    I left her alone to do her job until Thursday afternoon when she phoned me to tell me she was finished. I caught the excitement in her voice and it fueled my fire. “Come straight to the hotel from work. Room 814.†I set up two live video feeds to capture a full room angle and one from the foot of the bed. My paraphernalia was already out and lined up across the sofa. I had a scotch and waited for the knock on the door.

    When Annie knocked, I clicked the button that activated the web feed. I have no idea to this day if one or a thousand people caught the show, but I’m guessing anyone who saw it was satisfied.

    to be continued..........
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    As soon as she came in, I had her go to a spot in the room exactly between the two cameras. Without a word, I slid her skirt up, sliding my hands along her legs and hips until it was bunched around her waist. She was wearing pretty, powder blue boyshort-type panties and thigh-high stockings. I smiled. I’d told her I loved those and she evidently remembered. I walked around behind her and slid my hand between her legs, pulled the elastic to the side and shoved my fingers roughly up into her. Her knees bent just the slightest bit and she opened her knees. “Well trained whore, isn’t she?” I said the invisible audience. Annie’s neck flushed, her cheeks colored just slightly.

    I had her strip and parade herself in front of the cameras, tugging on her nipples, swinging her hips, jiggling her ass. Then, I had her lay back on the bed and open herself up, all the time, talking enticingly to her audience. She masturbated to orgasm and I smiled. It was time to get serious.

    At my command, Annie bound her ankles to her ankles to the corners of the bed, then lay passively while I tied her wrists. I spent the next half hour working her over methodically with a leather belt, up and down both legs, then up her torso and up and down both arms. She squirmed and moaned and I smiled. All those months of fantasy fulfilled had her aching to cum, desperate to be fucked and used.

    I took one of the cushions from the sofa and told her to raise her bottom. She did and I aimed the belt directly between her open legs. Her eyes were wide, her breathing fast and shallow. “Open up,” I commanded. I saw her concentrating and saw her lips part, just barely. It was enough. She’d done her best. I raised my arm and swung hard, raising a bright red mark along the let side of her slit and up onto her belly. She jerked and bit her lips, a small cry escaped. By the fifth blow, she was tossing her head side to side and by the tenth, she was making small, whimpering sounds. At thirteen, she started crying and by twenty she was muttering, “stop, stop, no, stop…” Her safe word never passed her lips, so I continued on. By twenty-four, she begged me to stuff her mouth or she would scream. I did, wrapping one of her stockings around her head to keep her panties in place between her lips. As the count went into the thirties and her belly and lips glowed bright red, her muffled sounds were more and more desperate.

    I finished at forty then lay the belt on her belly and sat on the bed beside her, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. She was trembling and sniffling, her eyes full of tears and looking up at me with affection. I reached between her legs and stroked her until she came.

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