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    I am looking for a girl that knows she is meant to be nothing more than a dog, and an animal, whose rightful place in this world is on the floor naked at the end of a leash or in cage.

    I have much experience training and dehumanizing dog girls part-time and now at this point in my life and career I have the time and desire to take on the long process of turning one special girl into my perfect long-term dog.

    My dog will be treated exactly as a real dog and have all the same rights and privileges as a real dog. Always naked, always on a leash or in her cage, no talking, no furniture, eat only from bowls on the floor or my hand, taught to obey commands and to do tricks, etc.

    Strict obedience is required and demanded at all times.

    If you truly desire and need to leave your old life behind and become the dehumanized animal you were meant to be you owe it to yourself to contact me now.
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