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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Tallest, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Smallest had an idea for this thread. Post about good/bad stores in your area, and why you think that.

    To start off, there's two local ones that I've been to (Vancouver).

    The first was Honeygifts. It's more of a penetrative toys and lingere/costume shop, but we went before we started talking about kink. They're friendly, and have toys out on the shelves, but they aren't knowledgable about restraints. I asked for non-leather, non-velcro restraints and the only one the cashier could think of was silk loops.

    The other was called "The art of loving". It was better for kink, but the prices were much higher than any others I had seen and the selection was still limited.

    I'll rewrite the OP sometime, I just didn't want to start a thread without examples.
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    I haven't actually ventured into local "shops" per se, but there's a monthly BDSM conference type thing in Birmingham (the "BBB" - "Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar"), where you can buy quite a lot of specialist equipment. Not really had a good look at the prices, though.
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    I know this thread's probably not going to be helpful to a lot of people since we're a small community from all over the place, but I do find it interesting to compare.

    In Victoria (BC, Canada), we've got a fair few- that I know are open, there's Susan James, Romance Shop and Garden of Eden. Those are all in a pretty close vicinity of each other, and I know there are more.

    I was going to say, the Art of Loving, mentioned above, had a huge bookstore part. Like, 1/3rd of the store, separated from the rest. But they were kind of 'meh' in arrangement and staffing.

    Romance Shop is either a chain or a common name. It looks really sketchy, which is why I've not gone inside, but a friend told me the staff's nice and the lingerie's decent. They look like mostly a vanilla, lingerie, and bachelorette type store.

    Susan James is full of lingerie. All over the place. It's ridiculous expensive ($40 for a garter belt?), and outside of lingerie, there's not much selection. There're vibrators and other toys for men and women, a big selection of lubricants, and a very small bondage section, with mostly not-great quality things. There is a table of books, and that's it. Again, everything' pricey in comparison with everywhere else. The staff seemed nice.

    Garden of Eden I love. I was going into this in a different thread. It's right downtown, but in a sunken block, under a set of stairs, so it doesn't get too much in the way of crowds outside, despite being near a bus stop. They're fairly small, with one half called Adam and Eve, which is devoted to lingerie and doesn't matter if minors go in. Eden, on the other hand, is set up interestingly. As soon as you walk in, there's all the bachelorette annoying things, like inflatable penises, penis birthday candles, and all the other novelties. It's right near the checkout counter, and the staff always keep an eye on the giggling girls. Actually, going in with a group of ladies is how you get ID'd. There's a wall of condoms facing that.
    After that, there's a step down, and facing away from where those type of customers could see, there's a cabinet full of leather masks, fluid whips, and so on. there's a display case of glass and otherwise expensive dildos, and a wall full of more, for men and women. The opposite wall is porn and small things like nipple clamps. Near the center, there's a pillare with examples of most of the floggers and cuffs on it. There's a fairly small, but varied, selection of books.
    The staff are the neatest, like I said, they sort of 'weed out' the people looking for 'sexy' costumes and the like (no offense roleplayers, I'm thinking more like 'sexy [fill in the blank]' halloween costumes) and giggly bachelorette party types, yet get their business without exposing them to things they'd laugh at (driving other customers away) and never buy anyway, because they don't get that people buy those things for more than a joke and there's a price on quality.
    If they don't have something, they'll order it in if you ask the manager. Likewise, often if you ask they'll have things in the back not on display- we looked for a long time for non-leather but still nice floggers and cuffs and so on, and they didn't have any displayed at Eden, yet asking brought them out of the back room right away with everything we could need.

    Anyone else got interesting/terrible/ones to brag about adult shops?

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