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    This is a little early but I'm going to be living in London for a semester next year! (January to May!) So excited!!

    I know we have a bunch of members from the UK, so maybe you guys can give me the low down. Does anyone know of BDSM clubs or events going on in the city during that time? Also, if anyone is interested in a meet-up that could be super fun too!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm sure they are just not around... like I haven't been. >_> Shame on me for not frequenting this forum, often enough. -_-;

    Will your Master be going with you? Otherwise, how will you handle that? I'd personally sort of lose it if I'd be separated from my love (whoever she is).
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    Congrats, SLP! I did my junior year at the University of Nottingham, and it was really a life-changing event. I hope you have a wonderful time. Sadly, I can't advise you on the bdsm scene there, other than to say that I know it exists and is pretty vibrant.
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    Death: no unfortunately he goes to a different university and his major is very intensive so he isn't able to study abroad. But its okay! We're long distance most of the time anyways, so this will just be a larger distance but not really a huge change

    Seb: thanks!!! I am SO excited, its gonna be so fun!

    Maybe I'll just do some online research for clubs any events
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    I used to live there, but that was a few years back and things have changed quite a bit since then. A reasonable UK website to meet people and get info is Informed Consent, they have event and club listings, meets (aka munches) and so on, so I'd recommend there as your first stop.

    Another good place to get up to date info, contacts and so on are the bdsm sex shops. Try Fettered Pleasures on Holloway Road, the owner there is friendly and knowledgeable. Besides, they stock some pretty good gear so you should take a visit anyway :)

    I may be moving back there before you arrive, if so then I'll probably have done a little re-familiarisation myself, so feel free to shoot a PM before you move over. Anyway, London is one of the top bdsm locations in the world so you will be spoilt for choice - I'd recommend doing a bit of research ahead of your visit, to get the best out of your time there.
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