Goal: Ace of Spades (9.5")- Help me find a plug a tad smaller! Read more: Goal: Ace

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    My goal is to do the Ace of Spades (large)(9.5"):

    http://www.cduniverse.com/productin...r Reviews&style=atoy&All=yes#Customer Reviews

    Currently I can take Triple Ridge (large) (7.5") and Belladonna's Hand (7.5") after about five minutes of warm-up:



    I can’t seem to find any toys between the 7.5" size of the Triple Ridge and the 9.5" of the Ace of Spades. Can anyone recommend me a plug in-between? I would like to find a plug a tad smaller than the Ace of Spades in the same shape but I can’t find one (in the USA). The only one I can find is this one...:


    ...but I cant find it for sale in the USA.


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