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    Hello im new to this bdsm stuff my girlfriend is into it but yeah she wants me to force my self on her and rape her and she also wants me to take her while she is sleeping. I was wondering is this safe? And she also wants me to bite Her when i do she makes me draw blood i have to bite so hard. i know she is clean so yeah no STDs can be transfered from the blood. Im really new to this so i need some serious help with this stuff. ANY HELP I GET THANX IN ADVANCE. OH SHE IS SHORTER THAN ME BY ABOUT A FOOT and SHE HAS LONG LONG LONG HAIR just to get yer kinky minds going. :);)
  2. MasterKomaAndSLAVE

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    any replys will help;)
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    There are a variety of ways you can approach a rape fantasy. The most basic way to do it is to just grab her and force yourself on her one evening when the two of you are alone, maybe after dinner or something like that. Simply don't take no for an answer (you might agree ahead of time that she needs to protest and resist, or that she has to submit). Or you two could try role playing it. Wait for her to come home from work and grab her as she comes in the door. Wear a ski mask or something to simulate being an intruder. If you want to be less violent, use a toy gun or plastic knife and threaten to 'kill' her if she doesn't submit. In that sort of scene, put the emphasis not on the physical compulsion but on verbal abuse. ("I'm gonna fuck you til you're crying, you little whore.") The most elaborate scene is a kidnap fantasy, where you grab her and move her to some other location. So there are a variety of ways you can play this out.

    My advice is to start with a conversation with her in which you discuss some ground rules with her. Make sure she has a safe word she can use to end the scene if she's not enjoying it. (Rape scenes can be very intense and can bring up very deep-seated feelings, so it's possible for a sub to go from enjoying the play to crying hysterically. If that happens, stop play and just hold her until she feels ok; then have a long talk about her reactions.) Establish that if you're using a toy weapon, she has to treat it as if it's real (DON"T use a real weapon; that's how you go from having fun to talking to a police officer or a ER staff member).

    If you do the 'jump her when she gets home from work' scene, use a pre-arranged code phrase so that she knows the guy in the mask is you and not a real rapist (maybe the first thing you say to her is "I've been watching you for a real long time, bitch" or something else specific enough that a real intruder is unlikely to accidentally use it). If you decide to do a full-out kidnapping scene, get her written consent and signature on a piece of paper that you are carrying on you when you play; that way if someone sees/hears the abduction and calls the cops, you can prove to them that it's not a real rape. In general, full kidnap scenes are pretty advanced play, because lots of things can go wrong with them. My advice is work up to something like that if it intrigues you.

    It's important for her to not get too carried away if she struggles. A woman screaming rape is probably going to attract attention and calls to 911, so if she protests, she needs to not make too much noise, unless you're absolutely certain no one can hear it (maybe if you're playing out in the country). Unless you like very physical play and are willing to run the risk of an injury, she also needs to keep her struggles within reasonable limits--it's pretty easy for her to accidentally kick you in the balls or punch you in the nose.

    Biting is fun play, but if you're going to do it hard enough to draw blood, keep in mind that the human mouth is an amazingly septic place--much worse than a dog's mouth--and it's possible for you to give her an infection that way. If you do draw blood, make sure to wash the wound afterward with something like hydrogen peroxide and swab it with Bacteen or Neosporin or some other antibiotic. Doms have an obligation to learn the safety basics (and some BDSMers insist that a dom should have a current First Aid card). With the extra control and power that a dom has comes the obligation to be responsible if anything goes wrong.
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    We're into biting to the point of blood, and it's not hard to do, if one can take the pain. But Seb is right with the bacterium etc, but seeing as most of our "playtime" comes when we go to bed we have already brushed and mouthwashed anyway, which helps in that sense.

    If you start biting play, keep an eye on the brusing, any possible scarring and how quickly it heals. If it takes unusually longer than say a normal cut, or if it goes any "wrong" colours etc then get it checked out just in case. Particularly if it looks like it's got a white "head" on it (like a white head spot). That will be puss which suggests infection.

    Not much about the rape part, haven't really done that. But the while she's asleep, we have, and while I've been asleep also. It's strangely erotic and not as hard as you think to implement. Just gotta practcie your positioning.

    Hope I helped :D
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    I wanna try it while she is asleep. I know she would love that thanx :)
  6. MasterKomaAndSLAVE

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    My girl loved it thanx :)
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    What did you do?
  8. Nuka

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    I assume he tried it asleep? Details please Koma? How did she find it, how did you find it etc.

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