Girls Playing with Girl

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    Kelsie has Lexi all tied up to the bed, naked, helpless and at her mercy. Kelsie can do whatever she wants to Lexi. Kelsie, a young and beautiful brunette takes advantage of Lexi's helpless situation and tickles her hot body, making her giggle, laugh and shake her body hysterical. You can watch as Kelsie runs her nails lightly over Lexi's skin and the blonde girl is trembling and giggling and when the Kelsie increases her attack Lexi laughs and struggles so hard that you can see the bars shaking with violence. Then Kelsie decides to use the vibrator to stimulate Lexi, producing internal pleasure that erupts in a very hot and erotic orgasm, which makes her crotch very sensitive and ticklish making her extasis a real torture. Hear you can enjoy a fee 10 minutes clip, uncut.

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