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    I recently spent the weekend as my husband’s sex slave. This is the story of how it happened.

    My husband and I are both in our mid-20′s, and are both in fairly good shape from working out, jogging, etc. We also enjoy wrestling each other, having a match every Friday evening. Mostly, we just wrestle for the exercise and for fun, but recently, we were watching some mixed wrestling DVD’s, with the women winning most of the time. My husband told me that he thought the matches were scripted, and that the men would probably win if both wrestlers went all out for the win. He then said that even though our “fun†matches were pretty even, that he didn’t think I could beat him in an all out competitive match. That made me pretty mad, and I told him so. So, he suggested to me that we place a little bet on our weekly match. I asked him what he had in mind, and he said, “we’ll call it queen or sex slave. If you beat me, you’ll be queen for the weekend. I’ll wait on you hand and foot, I’ll do anything you say. But if I win, you have to be my sex slave and you have to do any sex act I order you to.†When I hesitated briefly, he dared me to do it. Since I am pretty competitive, and usually did fairly well in our weekly matches, I accepted his challenge.

    On a recent Friday night, we set up our living room for our match, and then went to our “dressing rooms†to change into our wrestling attire. I wore a bra and panties, while he had on nothing but a pair of briefs. Once the match started, we each tried to take each other down, and, since like many women, the strongest part of my body is my legs, I tried several times to lock him into a leg hold, but he kept managing to avoid me. Meanwhile, he tried to use his upper body strength and weight advantage against me, but I was able to stay out of his efforts as well. He has more patience than I do though, and soon I became frustrated at not being able to take him down. So I took a chance. I tried rushing him to give myself some momentum, thinking I could knock him off balance, get him down, and lock a leg hold on him. It turned out to be a big mistake, because he caught me as I came in, using my momentum against me, by lifting his knee and slamming it into my midsection. I fell to the floor hard stomach first, and before I could regain my feet, he was on me. He straddled me from behind, using his weight to hold me down, then twisted my head, neck, and shoulders into a painful submission hold. He asked me if I had had enough, but because I still thought I could escape, at first I said no. I struggled and fought, trying to break out of the hold, but I couldn’t get free. The idea of having to admit defeat was humiliating, but the pain was too much, so when he asked a second time if I had had enough, I had no other choice. I submitted. He released me from the hold, and told me I was his sex slave for the next 48 hours.

    After giving me a little while to recover from the match, my slavery began with him ordering me to strip off my bra and panties and hand them to him. He told me to go into our bedroom, then ordered me to go down on him and deep throat his cock, and made me swallow his load. Then he rolled me onto the bed and fucked me pretty hard. I spent the next two days naked, satisfying more sexual demands. Nothing that he made me do though, was nearly as humiliating to me as having to say those two words…I submit.​
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