Gina’s perils in Pantyhose GRM-3

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

    Country: USA
    Genre: BDSM.
    Duration: 01:10:02.
    Directed by: Dominic Wolfe.
    Studio: Bondagedesigns
    In role: Gina Rae Michaels.

    Description: Gina Rae manages to find trouble where ever she goes and this video is a perfect example. Five great scenes where Gina ends up bound, gagged, and tormented while wearing pantyhose.
    Scene one begins with Gina already bound to a tall stool. She frantically rocks the stool to inch it across the room and reach the phone to call for help. Just as she reaches the kitchen counter and reaches desperately with bound hands to get to it, she is grabbed by the intruder who tied her up it is snatched away from her. She is groped, kissed forcibly, and clothes pins are put on her nipples. The intruder makes off with her credit cards and cash, leaving Gina trussed up and bitching.
    In scene two, Gina is grabbed by an intruder when she arrives home. Scared to death, she begs the guy not to hurt her. “Please just tie me up and take what ever you want”. At first this robber thinks it’s a trick but eventually after Gina even gets him the rope, he makes her strip to her pantyhose and binds her tightly. She instructs him to gag her with a dish cloth, which he does and leaves the heavily bound and gagged Miss Michaels to try to get out of her pantyhose predicament. She scoots across the floor , and gives a great show of her silky legs and cute pantyhose feet after loosing her pumps.
    The next scene, Gina is surprised by a robber, who after getting Gina bound spread on the bed decides that she looks too good to just leave there to struggle. He ravishes her pantyhose clad legs and gropes her as she growls through her gag.
    In scene four, Gina is still tied spread on the bed and the camera gets great upskirt shots of Gina’s red panties through her pantyhose. This time she is topless and her captor gags her on camera and begins to tickle her feet with hands and a comb. Gina fights laughter but cannot help it. The silky hose make her already ticklish feet super sensitive.
    In the final scene, Jack Banner makes an appearance to spank Gina while bound wearing pantyhose, a short skirt, and a special message for a friend written on the back of her white cotton panties. Gina is gagged with a large ball gag.
    Great storylines with some onscreen gagging, heels, short skirts, heels, stocking feet, nipple torment, groping and ofcourse PANTYHOSE!! If you’ve ever wanted a chance to sample a GRM video at a very reasonable price, now is your chance. This is also great deal for avid GRM fans to add to their collection of Gina Rae material.


    Video: Xvid 552x368 1020 Kbps 25.00fps [Stream 00]
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz mono 116kbps [Stream 01]
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