Gentleman Master Looking for Girls in Western Canada

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to session with a master who has trained in North America and Japan; who can provide flogging, whipping, tickling experiences as well as role play; yet who cares for your safety and comfort, who will not exceed your limits and allows you to stop play when you feel you've had enough; who can brings restraints and toys to your home; who can provide the best of dungeon master services for your stagette parties? Please feel free to contact me so that we can meet and discuss your ideas from tickling to spanking to flogging to whipping. If you are already a sub and have a master, you must understandably get permission first.
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    The gentleman master is still available for some bondage parties this summer - if you would like to try the bdsm experience with some friends, such as a stagette or bachelorette party, you may pm me - I will bring restraints and toys for you to try and demonstrate both their uses and various activities including tickling, spanking, caning, flogging, whipping, electro torture and role play - I do not offer or ask for sex or anything unlawful - I offer only an interesting and enjoyable introduction to bdsm in the safety of your own home or gathering - nudity is not required (it makes you feel more vulnerable but you can experience bdsm without it) and I will not surpass your limits or comfort levels.
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    The gentleman master is now booking stagettes, bachelorettes and other parties in the Calgary / Banff area for this fall and winter. He can travel to other cities by special arrangement and in some circumstances. Ladies parties must be a minimum of three persons - mixed parties a minimum of five persons with a minimum of three women.

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