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    Dear friends,

    my name is Pier, I'm 34, I'm from Milan, Italy and I work as a manager.

    I'm a "natural born carpet". I began loving to be a rugmat when I was about 5 y.o.- My nunny was going out of mind 'cause I was a very very bad boy. She was around 18 y.o. and, I remember, she was really really beautiful.
    At one point, desperate, she told me: "I don't know what to do with you!!!!! Let me think, she said laughing at me, I could step on you, walk all over your little body!!!!! And she walked on me (I was 5 y.o.), on my legs, on my arms and then she took off her shoes and she said: now I'm gonna step on and crush your little peepe (penis), let me see...., you must suffer, naughty boy!!!!! And she started marching with her beautiful barefeet directly on my cock and testicles!!!! I was in pain, but the sensation, seeing this beautiful girl marching all over me with two outstanding and gorgeous and PERFECT barefeet, was unforgettable ad BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
    Since then I became a human carpet and I've been trampled by so many girls all around the world!!! I love so much Trampling and I'm so resistant into that!!!!!

    Pls, let me know if is possible to partecipate some Trampling Parties and to lay down as a rugmat to step on!!!!! My genitals need to be trampled by female barefeet!!!!!

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    Trampling is just one of those things, you can do to me, women. Either arrange to come to me, or if you live near me, I could be a trampling mat, for example, resting on me, as you watch a video. Remember I'm just a mat, you are a person. Remember me too, women, if you are travelling to, anywhere in the London area.

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