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  1. VeryInteresting

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    I noticed after a short time of gagging my jaw begins to tighten up and begins to ache. What's the longest a open mouth gag should stay in?
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  2. L8NightQ

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    You had a gag that had you at maximum. You get sore from that just like any other long stretch.
    Just try opening your mouth as wide as possible and hold it that way for a while.
    Now close it back about 15%. Should feel better.

    Gags come in all sizes for this reason.

    You could get a smaller ball, or a softer one that has some give.

    In my experience, the soreness goes away after repeated uses, but if it's to big, it's just to big. Even so... same is true.

    The amount of time depends on how often you've done it and how big the gag is.

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