FuckingMachines 2009.01

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    FuckingMachines 2009.01-02

    FuckingMachines 2009.01


    Формат: WMV 1280x720, 1500Kbps, 29.97fps | 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

    Lavish Styles


    Date: Jan 7, 2009
    Episode: [5903] The first update of 2009 - Lavish Styles
    Cast: Lavish Styles

    Time: 00:44:33.098
    Size: 532 MiB

    Description: Brought to you by member request - the lovely 19 year old Lavish Styles. We meet her in the gym - and it's true Lavish has never done a lick of exercise - but with those natural tits and that beautiful tight body - who cares! One look at her perfect D-cup breasts bouncing with the machines and it's an instant boner. She's rather shy and uses the first two machines to get used to the idea of fucking steel. And then The Bunny Fucker has her singing the machine praises and even squirting a little. By the end of the scene, she can barely speak and is completely tossed. Thanks for the recommendation and if you have requests for girls you would like to see machine fucked- please comment on the new model thread in the fuckingmachines.com forums.





    Date: Jan 14, 2009
    Episode: [5573] Vendetta vs. The Machines
    Cast: Vendetta

    Time: 00:59:10.559
    Size: 708 MiB

    Description: Vendetta is no stranger to Kink.com. She's dominated on Ulitimate Surrender, hung from a single wrist on Hogtied and endured the tortures of Princess Donna on Wired Pussy. She's proven that she's good at enduring pain, so we see how good she is at unrelenting machine fucking pleasure. In her first ever solo shoot with the machines Vendetta is gagged with her own panties, blindfolded and teased until she shakes. Her nipples are clamped tight and then whipped until she flinches away in pain and pleasure. In scene two, her toned body is stretched out and oiled up showing off her every muscle as the Bunny Fucker rams her pussy until she's cums twice from the thrusting machine. She shows off her love for it in the ass with the deep stroke of the Snake and after taking a pounding with the Hatchett she rides the Sybian until she can cum no more.



    Flower Tucci, Vai, Sindee Jennings


    Date: Jan 21, 2009
    Episode: [6039] SQUIRT OLYMPICS -Flower Tucci, Sindee Jennings and rookie Vai
    Cast: Flower Tucci, Vai, Sindee Jennings

    Time: 00:47:47.984
    Size: 571 MiB

    Description: Fuckingmachines.com Squirt Olympics returns with the reigning champion, Flower Tucci back to defend her title against two brand new challengers - Sindee Jennings and local girl, Vai. The first event is The 2 minute challenge - each girl has two minutes to squirt on three different fucking machines. The time it takes for her to cum is averaged from all three machines to determine the winner. Event two is The Distance Challenge with Flower's record distance of an epic 16-FEET being the distance to beat. Then The Cage Match with Sindee locked tight in the mouse trap, the first girl to squirt in the face wins. There is no doubting Flower's power or cumming abilities but Sindee is a contender with her rocket streams of squirt and over 10-feet shot in her first attempt at breaking Flower's record. Vai, is definitely the underdog and the girls get to have their way with her wet pussy and mouth more than once. But Vai's sheer determination to cum provides a surprising finish in the final Sybian scene that rivals both Flower and Sindee combined. It's wet, it's hot and it is on in this four camera, eight machine, three girl fuck fest.



    Holly West


    Date: Jan 28, 2009
    Episode: [6146] Holly West - bound and cumming
    Cast: Holly West

    Time: 00:29:47.792
    Size: 356 MiB

    Description: The beautiful Holly West is a self-proclaimed one and done girl who doesn't like bondage because she always needs to be in control. So we tie her up and bring on the machines! Within minutes of riding the Little Guy, Holly's pussy is creamy wet and cum is slipping between her ass cheeks. She giggles and admits that maybe bondage turns her on just a little. Now we are in business. Holly will do anything for a vibrator so we use her vice against her and rig the machines so in order for her clit to reach the vibrator, she must swallow the dildos and when she's squirms away post-orgasm, she is chased by the vibrator until she cums again. Holly is the first to try the latest machine - Pandora's Box. This compact battery powered, remote controlled fucking machines is unlike any of the other machines. With tentacle-like adjustable vibing bullets and stroke speed up to 300RPM, Holly is not disappointed. She uses her toes to get the vibes on her clit and takes the dick to the balls so she can enjoy the vibing arms. After this machine, Holly laid down on set and nearly fell asleep. It's the mention of the Sybian that wakes her up and for the last scene she is bound to the iron cage and made to cum until she can take no more.


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    FuckingMachines 2009.02

    FuckingMachines 2009.02


    Формат: WMV 1280x720, 1500Kbps, 29.97fps | 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

    Isis Love, Jasmine


    Date: Feb 4, 2009
    Episode: [6079] Isis Love seduces the girl next door
    Cast: Isis Love, Jasmine

    Time: 00:43:04.926
    Size: 516 MiB

    Description: Isis Love has many talents one of which is to find hot girls in everyday places to take home and fuck silly. Her latest babe conquest is bank teller, Jasmine, who until today has only watched porn. In her first ever video, Jasmine's raw innocence and huge crush on Isis is exposed as she looks into the camera and longingly at Isis! These two unbelievably hot hot hot babes cum on the machines and each other. There really are no words - go watch the shoot!



    Emma Heart


    Date: Feb 11, 2009
    Episode: [6235] Emma Heart
    Cast: Emma Heart

    Time: 00:42:42.581
    Size: 511 MiB

    Description: The phrase "took a hard fucking" is so often used in porn it almost has lost its meaning. BUT Emma Heart is the living, breathing version of that phrase. She gets rammed in the first scene with the SatisfyHer for so long at such a high speed the machine was almost too hot to touch by the end of her powerful, yelping orgasms. And if getting rammed at near 1800 strokes per MINUTE isn't enough for this hotty she goes on to get her rimmed by tongues on a chainsaw, ass fucked with her perfect round bubble butt high in the air and then does a DP on the Sybian. I think the machines are still smoking down in the shop from this super charged fuck fest.





    Date: Feb 18, 2009
    Episode: [6077] Pilates Instructor - Elyse stretches for the machines
    Cast: Elyse

    Time: 00:31:44.915
    Size: 378 MiB

    Description: Elyse is a pilates instructor from Southern California and it shows in every one of her sculpted muscles. She spreads and stretches herself out, over and under the machines for a full pussy workout. In the first scene, Elyse swallows the SatisfyHer dick so deep there is nothing to see but the machine shaft! The rest of the set has longer, bigger cocks that pleasure her much more than the warm-up fluffer dick! She doesn't seem particularly fond of doggie with the Crystal Palace but she does really get off with the body challenging pile driver position. Don't miss this great Fucking Machines workout and be sure to check out this Friday's bonus update with Dia Zerva and Samantha Sin.



    Samantha Sin, Dia Zerva


    Date: Feb 20, 2009
    Episode: [5640] Dia Zerva and Samantha Sin
    Cast: Samantha Sin, Dia Zerva

    Time: 00:42:23.815
    Size: 510 MiB

    Description: A little Blond ambition for your weekend pleasure. These blond beauties are no strangers to the machines or each other. Guest director, J.S. Bishop, sets the machines out and lets the girls have their way taking turns teasing and fucking the other. Sam uses a custom sliding remote that allows her to fuck Dia with any kind of fast or slow stroke she desires. The Titan debuts its ability to shag two girls at once as it pins them to the floor while the Octapussy sucks on their nipples. The electricity in the room could almost power the machines as these two hot blonds, fuck, lick and cum their way through the afternoon.



    Charley Chase


    Date: Feb 25, 2009
    Episode: [5451] Charley Chase - Just a Good Ol' Girl
    Cast: Charley Chase

    Time: 00:37:02.166
    Size: 442 MiB

    Description: Charley Chase is screaming through the back roads of a state park in her daddy's "borrowed" pick-up with her music blasting, tits bouncing and wheels spinning. It's a regular Dukes of Dirty girl Hazards until the park sheriff stops her and she must bribe the cop with her pussy. Charley is oiled up, cuffed down and shagged on the back of the flatbed, fucked in the open fields and made to squirt a mile of cum while bound to the fence. After a day in the hot sun of machine fucking and screaming orgasms, it might just seem like she wanted to get caught and well, who is the park "sheriff" anyway...



    to be continued
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  4. -Vulture-

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    FuckingMachines 2009.03

    FuckingMachines 2009.03


    Формат: WMV 1280x720, 1500Kbps, 29.97fps | 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

    Poppy Morgan


    Date: Mar 4, 2009
    Episode: [6147] Foreign Terriority - Poppy Morgan
    Cast: Poppy Morgan

    Time: 00:40:45.290
    Size: 489 MiB

    Description: Poppy's just a sweet lass from Britain who's first response to Fucking Machines.com was "no fucking way!" Then she spoke with fellow FM alumni Holly Wellin and Katja Kassin and their glowing orgasm reviews changed her mind. That and the fact that she loves a good, hard double penetration fucking - something that is difficult to get with humans. You can hear her pussy getting wetter as she rubs her fingers around her clit and opening preparing herself for the first machine - the Octapussy attached to the Woody. The inflating plug stretches her pussy showing off her pink inner lips. Poppy loves the full, stuffed feeling that double penetration provides and the twininserter and the Intruder MKII do not disappoint as both machine give her great screaming orgasms. And the standing position with The Monster has her squirting all over the machine!



    Sindee Jennings


    Date: Mar 11, 2009
    Episode: [6381] Masturbating addiction - Sindee Jennings
    Cast: Sindee Jennings

    Time: 00:49:26.318
    Size: 592 MiB

    Description: You may remember Sindee from the Squirt Off Olympics where she hosed Flower Tucci and Via with her squirting pussy. She went on to claim that she didn't get fucked hard enough and well, that made it personal! Sindee is back and ready for two challenges - fast machines and huge cock. Coincidentally, she hasn't had sex in a week, and is chomping at the bit to get fucked. She starts getting wet in the interview and nearly drools when she sees the HUGE black dick she will be taking. She cums a river of squirt all over the machines, the set and the crew. Sindee is a rear horny treat as she challenges her pussy to take big dicks and even tries anal which has her squirting all over her stomach. Try and keep up with this hot girl's orgasms!



    Brooke Adams


    Date: Mar 18, 2009
    Episode: [6310] Brooke Adams - bound and machined
    Cast: Brooke Adams

    Time: 00:27:17.099
    Size: 326 MiB

    Description: Brooke Adams is just your average girl next door who is exploring what she likes about sex, bondage and control. Brooke submits her perfect tits to our new nipple machine. The Tittie Twister automatically pulls clover clamps tightly away from Brookes body perking her already perky nipples. While this is happening she has a vibrator on her clit and The Fucksall pumping her pussy until she cums. She is a serious girl and internalizes what is happening to her while she is being fucked, so what you don't hear you will see as her face and body contort in pleasure. The final scene with the SatisfyHer has her speechless and squirting. And this week Fuckingmachines.com introduces - Amateur Girl Fridays - brand new college age amateur girls trying machines and porn for the first time EVER. Don't miss it.





    Date: Mar 20, 2009
    Cast: Raina

    Time: 00:20:05.537
    Size: 241 MiB

    Description: It's been 8 years since FM began mechanically satisfying girls. The site now has nearly 500 shoots and over 700 women machine fucked to bliss. So how the hell do you top that? How about a series of Amateur never-seen-before Girls? In addition to the regular Wednesday updates, every Friday FM will introduce a new babe to the machines - her reactions, first-timer nervousness and orgasms all captured here in the FM shop. To launch this series is Raina - a 19 year old who was recommended by a kink employee. Raina is nervous, chatty and damn fine. When she takes her clothes off, it's hard to imagine she has not done this before with her perfect natural tits, milky skin and eagerness to be watched. We pop her porn cherry with the Cathedral and the Chopper.



    Sasha Grey


    Date: Mar 25, 2009
    Episode: [5757] Sasha Grey
    Cast: Sasha Grey

    Time: 00:32:15.477
    Size: 386 MiB

    Description: Sasha Grey is back for another go around with the machines. She warms up with an ass paddling from the Robo-Spanker that leaves her perfect bubble butt rosy red and gets her ready for the machines. Sasha has a pretty tight pussy so what she doesn't take in size, she makes up for in speed. She gets stuffed on both ends with the Snake and it's hard to say which end is hotter to watch get plowed - her mouth or her pussy. And be forewarned - Sasha lets out an orgasmic scream on the Sybian that is intense and well, loud!





    Date: Mar 27, 2009
    Cast: Astrid

    Time: 00:31:54.886
    Size: 382 MiB

    Description: Astrid is the perfect California hippie chic with her free loving, sexual nature that has her rubbing her thighs while she talks about what kind of lap dances she likes to give. Although she has danced in clubs, she has NEVER been on camera. Unlike last weeks amateur girl, Astrid is not a bit nervous and can't wait to expand her sexual experiences. You can hear her juicy pussy sloshing with cum as the Bunny Fucker works her first on camera orgasm out of her.


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  5. -Vulture-

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    FuckingMachines 2009.04

    Формат: WMV 1280x720, 1500Kbps, 29.97fps | 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

    Amber Keen


    Date: Apr 1, 2009
    Episode: [6212] Amber Keen saves the shoot
    Cast: Amber Keen

    Time: 00:35:24.174
    Size: 432 MiB

    Description: When the scheduled model canceled instead of losing the shoot, we called up the eager and sexy Amber Keen to see if she would come in last minute, get naked and fuck machines. Amber needs to look someone in the eye to cum, so get ready for long gazes into the camera while she's getting off from the machine pounding. Her first orgasm almost embarrasses her as she looks down to find her post orgasmic pussy cream all over the dong. She laughs when Fuckzilla is rolling toward her but quickly learns to appreciate the robot's fucking prowess as she cums from his mechanical arm. After five machines, and a handful of orgasms, Amber is spent. Thanks for saving the day, Amber!



    Sasha Skyy


    Date: Apr 3, 2009
    Episode: [6393] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS -Sasha
    Cast: Sasha Skyy

    Time: 00:25:25.446
    Size: 305 MiB

    Description: This update could be called "Full Rack Friday" Sasha has the biggest, roundest, softest tits ever. She's 18 and has never fucked on camera, but confesses to being an exhibitionist and well, a wanker. Perfect combination for machine fucking on the internet! Sasha's pretty shy and it takes her some time to relax but by the second machine, she's making requests and fucking mechanical tongues. Another porn cherry popped!



    Louisa Lanewood, Alyssa Reece


    Date: Apr 8, 2009
    Episode: [6392] The Horny leading the Horny Louisa Lanewood and Alyssa Reece
    Cast: Louisa Lanewood, Alyssa Reece

    Time: 00:41:27.359
    Size: 495 MiB

    Description: If Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston made a porn when they were 20 - this would be it! Louisa and Alyssa are smoking hot ringers for AJ and Jenn and watching these two fuck the machines is a reality and fantasy come true! They "sneak" on set and fuck themselves to sheer bliss with the machines. The double-decker pecker ride on the Dragon has both girls cumming at the same time and the final scene with Louisa riding the Sybian while fucking Alyssa with the Fucksall is NOT to be missed.



    Jaxxa Nova


    Date: Apr 10, 2009
    Episode: [6450] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS local dancer - Jaxxa
    Cast: Jaxxa Nova

    Time: 00:28:43.995
    Size: 344 MiB

    Description: Jaxxa is a recent transplant from the east coast. She fills her days as a dancer and personal cook. What better way to pop her porn cherry than stretching her long leggy body out and having her fuck the home blender machine!She lets out this low purring as she's about to cum that is so sexy. As with the other amateurs she is unpredictable and so we chase her a little to keep up but it's worth every wobbly second of tape!



    Charlie Laine


    Date: Apr 15, 2009
    Episode: [6149] Charlie Laine finally says "yes"
    Cast: Charlie Laine

    Time: 00:33:40.219
    Size: 426 MiB

    Description: After 3 years of asking, Charlie Laine finally agrees to fuck machines - and it was well worth the wait. Charlie is the industry sweet heart - with her hot body and innocent face. She's made a huge name for herself and today she leaves the porn would behind, comes into to shoot in what she wore on the plane, and lets loose with the machines in a candid, hot shoot. She gets tied to the bed, fucked on the floor and machine shagged until she is just a puddle. She's a HUGE fan of vibration and she gets a good dose of teasing with the Sybian before finally calling mercy for her pussy!



    To be continued
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  6. -Vulture-

    -Vulture- Active Member

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    FuckingMachines 2009.04

    Savannah West


    Date: Apr 17, 2009
    Episode: [6479] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS Savannah West
    Cast: Savannah West

    Time: 00:31:04.127
    Size: 380 MiB

    Description: Savannah West is nervous. She's dressed in what she would wear to an interview for just about any job but a porn gig. Her simple wrap around shirt, tight jeans and flats don't exactly scream fuck me. But there is something so sexy about her. She says she rarely cums and it's looking like that is the truth after some fun but unfulfilling rides on two machines. But I simply could not quit on her and so out came all the bells and whistles - suction, vibration, an inflatable dildo and penetration - and as the Bunny Fucker strokes her tight pussy she lets out the sexiest, breathless orgasm ever heard. She cums 6 times by the shoot end - a life record for her and she is so overwhelmed, her voice is cracking and she is shaking. This shoot is not to be missed.



    Cameron Love


    Date: Apr 22, 2009
    Episode: [6078] Cameron Love - extra credit
    Cast: Cameron Love

    Time: 00:34:21.804
    Size: 421 MiB

    Description: Cameron is a saucy red head who discovers her teachers porno and fantasizes what it would be like to fuck machines on his desk. She hikes up her uniform skirt and rides the Sybian until she cums, fucks huge cock in doggie and finishes her tutorial with a double dong fucking - one in her mouth and one in her pussy. Learning french never felt so good!



    Janae Jolie


    Date: Apr 24, 2009
    Episode: [6591] Amateur Girl Fridays - Janae Jolie and our first amateur anal scene!
    Cast: Janae Jolie

    Time: 00:29:59.754
    Size: 359 MiB

    Description: Janae came in just for an interview. We took one look at her in the lobby, fully clothed and said - get naked and get in the basement! Not only is Janae super hot and lively, she pops OUR amateur cherry by doing our first anal set. Amateur Girl Fridays is now anally christen! Enjoy Janae's lovely tight dancer body as she leaves amateur status behind for what will certainly not be her last appearance on the internet.



    Starri Night, Tatiana Kush


    Date: Apr 29, 2009
    Episode: [6148] Starri Night and Tatiana Kush - machine the night away
    Cast: Starri Night, Tatiana Kush

    Time: 00:39:56.750
    Size: 478 MiB

    Description: Starri and Tatiana are both new to machine fucking but certainly not new to fucking on camera, pussy licking and cumming while everyone watches. These two have fun exploring the machines and each other finishing the day well fucked from 4 machines. They confess mid-shoot to wishing they could be tied up. Well dreams come true here at kink and the two are tethered to each other while Starri is swiftly glided back and forth on to a cock and Tatiana squirms against the other vibrating end. The fucksall scene, however, takes the prize for best orgasms of the set.


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  7. -Vulture-

    -Vulture- Active Member

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    FuckingMachines 2009.05



    Date: May 1, 2009
    Episode: [6635] Amateur Girl Fridays - Mason
    Cast: Mason

    Time: 00:29:10.259
    Size: 349 MiB

    Description: Just go watch the shoot. Look at these photos - the girl is UNBELIEVABLY HOT! Mason is a dancer but for some unknown reason thought no one would want to see her in a porn. Uh, what? With her all American sweetheart nature and perfect track star body who the hell wouldn't want to see her naked and getting fucked by machines!



    Melrose Foxxx


    Date: May 6, 2009
    Episode: [6512] Melrose Foxx - giving that big bootie a shag
    Cast: Melrose Foxxx

    Time: 00:40:36.551
    Size: 486 MiB

    Description: Melrose Foxx is hot. That's really all that needs to be written. The girl is a babe with her natural tits, round perfect ass, and this incredible way of fucking in time with the machines. She shakes, grinds and fucks back all the way to orgasm heaven. She's a treat. Watch her.



    Sarah Shevon


    Date: May 8, 2009
    Episode: [6506] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS Sarah Shevon
    Cast: Sarah Shevon

    Time: 00:26:57.198
    Size: 322 MiB

    Description: If you're a pervert for nervous sexual energy Sarah is for you. She nearly chokes on her words as she talks about how she likes to fuck. It's hard to tell if she ever relaxes but she does willingly crank the machines high, fuck the dicks deep and get so sweaty she needs a towel. And since this shoot, Sarah has gone on to other kink sites so even though the machines didn't win her over, you will see her again!



    Sindee Jennings, Sophie Dee


    Date: May 13, 2009
    Episode: [6513] Sindee Jennings and Sophie Dee - Squirting and squirting
    Cast: Sindee Jennings, Sophie Dee

    Time: 00:50:45.452
    Size: 606 MiB

    Description: This shoot is what happens when all the porn stars line up. Turns out Sindee and Sophie are girlfriends in real life who just happened to be booked together for this shoot. Sophie taught Sindee how to do anal and Sindee couched Sophie on the art of squirting so today both girls show off their kinky pleasures. It gets soaking wet and messy in the shower room as the machines fuck the squirt right out of the girls pussies. And Sindee Jennings might just be the horniest girl in the industry - she is unstoppable and shows Sophie the way to machine cumming.



    Alex Hussy


    Date: May 15, 2009
    Episode: [6463] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS Alex
    Cast: Alex Hussy

    Time: 00:28:23.540
    Size: 344 MiB

    Description: Alex is local horny hippie girl with a fancy for exhibitionist sex. She doesn't think the machines will make her cum. We prove her wrong, three times. The Tresspasser combined with the Sybian rocks her whole body and the final challenge to fuck the sybian for one more orgasm has a great happy ending.





    Date: May 20, 2009
    Episode: [6671] Harmony Rose Returns
    Cast: Harmony

    Time: 00:55:20.065
    Size: 663 MiB

    Description: Harmony Rose is back and this time we take full advantage of every hole she offers up. Harmony is literally dripping wet as we tie the rope in the first scene. First a double fucking with the Snake that has her mouth and pussy stuffed full. She cums so hard she hold her breath, bites her arms and pulls her hair like she's in a cat fight! She reaches sensory overwhelmed with ice, wax, fast and slow fucking, ass fucking, vibration, whips, denial and the new Autozipper machine that zips 30 clothes pins off of her in less than 3 seconds. This may be Harmony's best shoot as she gives over completely to the machines.





    Date: May 22, 2009
    Episode: [6472] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAY Kandice
    Cast: Kandice

    Time: 00:22:34.026
    Size: 269 MiB

    Description: Kandice is 18, voluptuous and confident. She's never been in a porn before but she's certainly not shy. She's soon naked and giggling with the touch of the erosilator as it warms her pussy up for pounding. Kandice has the machines working fast and hard in her tight pussy and she gets off quickly from the unrelenting speed. She safe words after her fist machine - thinking that's what you say when you have an orgasm at kink. After we sort out that she's indeed NOT in pain but in total bliss, the shoot continues with Kandice having two more intense orgasms





    Date: May 29, 2009
    Episode: [6590] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS - LEAH
    Cast: Leah

    Time: 00:23:23.716
    Size: 279 MiB

    Description: Leah is a rare find. She approached Princess Donna in a local park and asked if she could work for kink. Um, yes! Enjoy her hot body, and quick orgasms as the machines work her porn virgin pussy over. We even convince Leah she can cum again when she's certain she can not. This is a great shoot with a great woman who you will clearly see again very soon on Wiredpussy.com.


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  8. bbendingr

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  9. -Vulture-

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    FuckingMachines 2009.06


    Cadence Cohstly


    Date: Jun 3, 2009
    Episode: [6705] New Girl, Naughty Girl - Cadence Cohstly
    Cast: Cadence Cohstly

    Time: 00:45:57.655
    Size: 550 MiB

    Description: Cadence applied for Amateur Girl Fridays but it was clear this hot girl needed more than an introduction to the porn world. Cadence is unapologetically hot, horny and ready for anything new. She fucks the Chopper and even denies herself an orgasm as she doesn't want the ride to end. She confesses that she would marry the first person who gave her a g-spot, soaking wet orgasm.... well, looks like the Mini Mite is no longer a bachelor.



    Catrina Cummings


    Date: Jun 5, 2009
    Cast: Catrina Cummings

    Time: 00:21:16.894
    Size: 255 MiB

    Description: There are two cherries popped in this update - 20 year old Catrina debuts in her first ever porno AND Amateur Girl Fridays debuts the first amateur DOUBLE PENETRATION! Catrina likes ass fucking more than any other kind so the MKII nails her ass and the Twin Inserter fucks her in both holes at the same time. Catrina is so sweet and hot, she's not a stitch shy but her first timer ways show in how quiet she is when she's getting fucked and even when she's cumming. So watch for her juicy wet pussy as it tells the world it's cumming even when Catrina is ninja quiet!



    Lucy Fire


    Date: Jun 10, 2009
    Episode: [6774] Viva Las Vegas - Lucy Fire
    Cast: Lucy Fire

    Time: 00:42:16.935
    Size: 506 MiB

    Description: This week Fuckingmachines.com is on the road in Las Vegas, Nevada delivering machines right to the homes of the girls we shoot! Lucy Fire welcomes us into her kitchen and we soon take over this hot red head's, counter tops and pussy! She's a former gymnast that likes to fuck in spread open, challenging positions so she stands tall with the Little Guy, does the splits for the Trespasser and spreads wide for the Bunny Fucker and the SatisfyHer. Her rock hard body and squirming orgasms are an absolute pleasure to witness. She even confesses that she never cums on camera, but the machines and her being in her home make it all happen for Lucy



    Sasha Racquelle


    Date: Jun 12, 2009
    Episode: [6803] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS - Sasha
    Cast: Sasha Racquelle

    Time: 00:41:12.875
    Size: 493 MiB

    Description: This week is a very rare update. Sasha is 28, a local exotic dancer who has never been in a porn. She also never had an orgasm in her entire life - something she reveals once the shoot starts. Sasha told no one she was here in the castle, and doesn't plan to. She simply came to do this for herself and in hopes that she would cum for the first time. This shoot is left long so you can see how badly Sasha wants to orgasm and ultimately how hard it is for her to do. She's sexy as hell as she works up a sweat and tries to gets off. This shoot is real and raw



    Ariel X


    Date: Jun 17, 2009
    Episode: [6698] ArielX
    Cast: Ariel X

    Time: 00:35:50.169
    Size: 427 MiB

    Description: ArielX is a Fuckingmachines Hall of Fame girl. She's shagged just about every machine in the shop and squirted on just about every set, prop and crew member. Today is no different as Ariel cums from pussy fucking, anal machining and two deep double penetration sessions from The Twin Inserter and The Cyrstal Palace.



    Eadie Sexwick


    Date: Jun 19, 2009
    Episode: [6887] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS Eadie Sexwick
    Cast: Eadie Sexwick

    Time: 00:21:37.088
    Size: 260 MiB

    Description: Eadie is a local hottie who enjoys public sex and swinger parties. She's never made a porno until today when she meets the machines. She fearlessly clamps the Tittie Twister on to her nipples and enjoys the automatic pulling the machine provides while the Sybian rips her first on camera orgasm out of her. Edie is a closeted pain slut, as she doesn't even flinch when the nipple clamps come off! After this warm-up she spreads wide in the gyno chair for a deep, satisfying fucking from the Dragon and the Monster. Check out her perfect ass in doggie - hot!



    Raven Alexis


    Date: Jun 24, 2009
    Episode: [6773] Viva Las Vegas - Raven Alexis
    Cast: Raven Alexis

    Time: 00:39:40.018
    Size: 479 MiB

    Description: Here we are in Raven's house in Vegas. She has no furniture in her front room so we took advantage of the space with our machines! She's a self proclaimed nympho and the machines pound out some great, screaming, juicy orgasms from her beautiful pussy. She gapes like made after fucking the tool box and Pandora's Box has her asking - literally - for more.





    Date: Jun 26, 2009
    Episode: [6905] AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS Frankie
    Cast: Frankie

    Time: 00:23:59.092
    Size: 286 MiB

    Description: Frankie is as bubbly as her ass! She takes her pants off without even being asked, hops on the bench and looks at the camera like "let's get it on!" She cums fast, hard and loud and thanks us every time she does. Don't miss her perfectly round ass jiggling in time to the pounding of the Trespasser. This is certainly not the last time you will see Frankie here at kink.com.


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    FuckingMachines 2009.09


    Формат: WMV 1280x720, 1500Kbps, 29.97fps | 128Kbps, 44.1kHz, stereo

    Jasmine Jolie


    Episode: [7006] Jasmine Jolie / taking care of business
    Date: Sep 2, 2009
    Cast: Jasmine Jolie

    Size: 412 MiB
    Time: 00:34:23.360

    Description: Jasmine stretches her long sexy body out behind her desk, pours a drink and pulls out her vibrator. After a little clit stimulating warm-up, she swallows all 8 inches of her first mechanical cock on the Minimite, pushing herself onto the dick by rocking her office chair in time with the machine. She does take a little time to relax but once she's figured out how the machines fuck, she lays back and takes it hard. The Monster is the hottest scene in the set as she sprays the mirror with cum but don't miss her earth shaking Sybian ride, as Jasmine completely looses it after cumming so hard and nearly falls off the machine!



    Skylar Price


    Date: Sep 4, 2009
    Cast: Skylar Price

    Size: 336 MiB
    Time: 00:27:56.840

    Description: Well get ready for this girl - Nikki is 5 foot 9 inches of sexy, tanned hottness with big tits, a tight small pussy and a hunger to debut in porn. She straddles the Chopper like she was born on it, finishing quickly. Too quickly in fact, so we give her a double penetration fucking to make her last a little longer as she works through the intense stretching of her pussy and ass at the same time. She cums until she is sweating and then eagerly agrees to try the biggest toy she has EVER had in her pussy - a 10 inch, 2 pound black beast! She works it in to her pussy while the suction cups pull on her tits. The result - watch and find out!



    Sindee Jennings


    Episode: [7137] Sindee Jennings / bound and sopping in cum
    Date: Sep 9, 2009
    Cast: Sindee Jennings

    Size: 441 MiB
    Time: 00:36:47.277

    Description: Sindee Jennings returns to fuckingmachines to get tied up and dowse the machines with her squirt. She takes a deep cock fucking on the Predator that has her begging for the machine to pull out so she can hose the room. Then she's hogtied and made to hold her ass cheeks open for Fuckzilla robot dick and fast pounding in her pussy AND ass. The final scene is the winner though with Sindee bobbing up and down on a thick cock and squirting across the bed until she's spent. Well, until she's done cumming and the machine breaks from so much squirt!



    Claudia LeNoir


    Date: Sep 12, 2009
    Cast: Claudia LeNoir

    Size: 328 MiB
    Time: 00:27:24.007

    Description: Yes, it's true, you have seen Claudia here before. This is part two of her shoot from her debut in porn. Claudia is one of those women who really only gets off when she has no control or choice other than to cum. It was obvious she was having a good time popping her porn cherry, but it was also clear that she would have more fun if she was tied up. So, out comes the rope and the corporal for Claudia. Her amateur shoot goes far past most girls' endurance and gets even more kinky as she submits to a few more machines. First, she's bound to the Cathedral, the Tittie Twister goes to work on pulling her nipples hard as the machine slips in and out of her pussy. We do wear her out after a bound fucking with the Fucksall, and the Little Guy. She needs a break in the last scene and almost doesn't make it through to cum



    Mackenzee Pierce


    Episode: [7009] Mackenzee Pierce
    Date: Sep 16, 2009
    Cast: Mackenzee Pierce

    Size: 459 MiB
    Time: 00:38:15.385

    Description: Mackenzee Pierce is just plain hot - with her huge tits, smooth skin and smoking curves this girl lights up the set. She straddles the Chopper for her first ever machine ride and takes her time getting to know what machine fucking feels like and how to cum from such a powerful thrust. By her third machine, she has forgotten we are in the room and opens wide for the fast and fierce SatisfyHer. The Crystal Palace is her favourite as she takes a smooth red cock in doggie and then flips over for round two. But watching those round heavy breasts bounce on the Sybian is definitely a crowd pleasing finish.


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  14. -Vulture-

    -Vulture- Active Member

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    FuckingMachines 2009.09

    Ariel Heart


    Date: Sep 18, 2009
    Cast: Ariel Heart

    Size: 353 MiB
    Time: 00:29:27.073

    Description: Ariel turned 18 SIX months ago. She lost her virginity at 17 and now here she is sitting in the fuckingmachines shop nervous to do her first ever porn shoot. When she sees the dildos she will be fucking, she squeals convinced that she will not be able to take it. We convince her to try Gold Finger - our go to standard 7 inches. Slowly, she works it into her pussy, rides it a little and then The Little Guy takes over. She cums several times each time relaxing more and getting even a bit adventurous and even trying a butt plug. Ariel is so hot and raw, her moans goes straight to your cock.



    Bobbi Starr


    Episode: [7007] Bobbi Starr / Bobbi Starr returns
    Date: Sep 23, 2009
    Cast: Bobbi Starr

    Size: 413 MiB
    Time: 00:35:32.922

    Description: What do you do to Bobbi Starr, the girl who got her start her at kink.com, the girl who on her very first shoot swallowed cock the size of her arm? Well, just about anything she wants to do! Bobbi returns to fuckingmachines anxious for bondage since it's been over a year since she's been tied up. She is bound to the DominateHer with her nipples clamped tight in the grips of the Tittie Twister and the Dragon planted deep inside her with an 11 inch cock which she can not escape, then turn up the volume on the whole scene and make her cum until she begs for mercy! Hot damn, and that's just the first scene. The hardest scene is, you guessed it - the Autozipper since Bobbi has to push the button on the machine that will zip the clothes pins off her flesh in under 3 seconds as she cums. She resist the urge to orgasm for as long as she can until she has no choice but to cum and endure the surge of pleasure and pain at the same time. Also, here is the debut ride of the new machine, The Spreader. Thanks for helping name the beast that spreads Bobbi wide and fucks her. We considered naming it the "Starr fucker"! Bobbi does not disappoint in this sexy return to machine fucking.



    Kaydence Katchings


    Date: Sep 25, 2009
    Cast: Kaydence Katchings

    Size: 313 MiB
    Time: 00:26:07.799

    Description: Kaydence is chopping at the bit to get into porn. Her she is trying machines for the first time ever. The Spreader takes full advantage of her as the machine swings deep into her pussy. She even does anal - we love over-achievers! It will not be long before this girl is on an agent's page so get a good look at her here now in the raw.



    Charley Chase


    Episode: [7230] Charley Chase / The Charley Chase Show
    Date: Sep 30, 2009
    Cast: Charley Chase

    Size: 461 MiB
    Time: 00:38:28.098

    Description: People ask all the time what makes a machine better than a human or can girls ever be satisfied by humans after fucking the robots? In the case of Charley Chase - I have no idea how humans satisfy her. She's unbelievably hot and fucks like a wild bull. On top of taking HUGE cock so deep the only visible evidence of the wang is the balls as they smack her pussy, she has full body orgasms that demand a machine AND a human to make happen. The fucksall scene becomes the Charley Chase rodeo as she writhes in the leather suspended chair - she has several great orgasms but it might just be pure comedy to watch as Charley tries to buck out the dildo and has to be physically held down along with the rope that is already bound her to the chair. By the end of the shoot, Charley is clutching her pussy and says" I can't let it go - it's like a handful of greatness." Thank you Charely MoFo Chase.


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