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  1. misterak20

    misterak20 Banned

    has been a long time since i was in this forum.
    due to some german slavegirls that had the pleasure of my training i still like it to train and humiliate some females online.

    my blog has raised with some material, you all can feel free to watch the stuff there.
    this is a link to it, but you will have to create a fubar account if you don't have one of those. thats for free.
    you can use this link for it:

    then just add me as friend. my profile can be seen here:

    as little gift to you, one of my toys will make a nice SM Place salute. i will post it here in a few minutes
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  2. misterak20

    misterak20 Banned

    i am sure you like it...
  3. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    Beautiful :) I love it
    Thank you for the nice gift
  4. fet10

    fet10 New Member

    lovely!! you are now my current wallpaper..... send me a bigger version?
  5. durinar

    durinar New Member

    cute ... hot.... mmmmmm

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