Fresh woman to be my mistress(es)

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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    30+ old, sm/experienced boy searching for the nice woman or daughters
    interested to be his mistress(es) over Europe. Everykind of humiliation from hard face slapping to safe torture allowed. Im interested in paranormal things and I live not-so-ordinary-life in northern Europe.

    You can be 18-40 years old, even without sm/experience, but you must be bit strong and bit beautiful to be effective. :) Even if you like to slap boy's face or kick to the balls or have martial arts experience this is right address. We don't need the safeword, come to look at my life, just write some letters.... :)
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    And out come the car battery and phone cords.....

    LOL! But seriously he'll probably just have 40 straight hours of incredibly kinky and somewhat abnormal sex including a stint with him wearing a lot of smeared lipstick and having 'SLUT' written on his head in magic marker. He'll stumble into work monday with a few new bruises, a canker sore and a tattoo of a bulldog on his ass.
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA
    Perhaps hes just confident that he can withstand anything....a dangerous Test for any skilled Master....
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