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    So, my girlfriend and I have a thing for playing out in public. We get all dressed up, I'll make her wear a butt plug and a harness, or some other such thing, and go out to some swanky dinner, dance, party, festival... you get the idea.

    I really get off on making her (and myself) uncomfortable in some way, and not being able to fix it; an itchy piece of clothing, tight shoes, panties that are the wrong size, or hiked up really high. Not really causing any pain, just discomfort.

    Anyway, it has sort of started to get stale. I'm only so creative, and to make it interesting, my servant girl will provoke me in some way, refuse to do what I say, get mouthy, something like that. Of course, she pays for it later, but I want to be able to punish or restrain her in some way immediately.

    I also like to force her to eat really spicy (like, take the back of your head clean off spicy) food, or just straight peppers. Thought I'd add that one in.

    So, my question is, first, what are some ways I can change it up (preferably making it more intense) and second, what are some ways I can correct her immediately when she misbehaves in public?

    buying more/different toys isn't a problem for me, just keep in mind we are out in public and it has to be discreet.

    Thanks guys,

  2. HadesTorment

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    Have you considered remote control vibrating toys? When she misbehaves, you can always give her a quick buzz! ...With the peppers, maybe you can carry small pieces of very spicy ones or alternately, you can buy hot pepper candy online and make her eat them. If they make her eyes water it can make her uncomfortable and look uncomfortable even without people really knowing why.
  3. missjaysumms

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    I like the way you think. I had looked at RC vibes before, but didn't really know where to start buying one. What about one that gives a small electric jolt? we are just starting to explore that little bit of kink, and like it so far...

    good ideas :)

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