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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by war1022, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. war1022

    war1022 New Member

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    Looking for some input into forced orgasms of a woman. We have progressed past simple bondage and moving up.

    Looking for a woman's prospective but guys in the know, please jump in.

    Looking how to increase the intensitiy of her forced orgasms. What works and what does not?

    Legs tied spread as wide as possible and hips tied down with pillow under ass.

    I have the usual dildos and vibes, with one vibe that will peel paint off the wall on high.

    I'm looking to get multi orgasms until she's too sensitive to even look at her clit.

    To up the intensity, I was thinking of using large dildos with a lot of width for her to "grip" when she cums. Ladies does that work? Does maximum depth work better or both width and depth?

    Do the inflatable dildos work better for width? Add width when she reaches the point of no return to up the intensitity?

    All replys appreciated!
  2. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    ok I'm not a girl, but I understand, and it has been my experiance that vagina's are all built differently, slightly differnt shapes, sizes and with G-spots located in different places.
    You can usually count on one being right under the clit however.
    And some girls may find me "small" and others will find me "big"
    Also there is a certain factor to be considered by the amount of "use" a vagina sees.
    Plus girls are much more connected to thier emotional state when it comes to sex.

    So my advice is to spend time to become as familiar with the "pussy" your working with as you can.
    This can be fun, especialy if there is no pressure to "getanywhere" when you go exploring, also do it in a relaxed way get her to tell you how what your doing is feeling , she may learn something about her own "pussy" in the process.
    Discover her various spots and the levels of plesure they produce, then tailor the toy or stimulation to effectively stimulates those places.
    You will also find other areas of her body that even though they don't seem connected will still stimulate her and help her "getthere".
    For me a hard bite to the back of my neck sends me into spasms and will push me over almost every time. so don't just focus on the "pussy"I have found most women need a lot of stimulation all over their body to orgasm.
    Discover the differnt states of mind that help her to get there and think of ways to promote them.
    And then put it all together.
    start slow then step up the intesity.
    take your time, push her right up to the brink then back off, do it a couple of times and when you finaly push her over it will be explosive.
    There is so much more to this, but my point is that all girls are difernt so you need to take time to find what works for her,then keep doing it.
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  3. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Definitely no pressure experiments are a great idea.
    I'm not sure about the other ladies on the forum - they will chime in too - but too much vibration can sometimes render me unable to have an orgasm at all. If your lady is this way and you are looking for multiple orgasms you may want to start off with a toy/method that is not as stimulating and then work your way up the paint peeler. :p
    Good luck - let us know what works.

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    For me, even though it's been quite a while, there are very distinct waves of vibration sensitivity. At very first, it's a nice, gentle stimulation, that can get me squirming. Then, after about 5 minutes of this, I don't really have a different way to describe it other than my clit goes numb. The vibrations still feel good, but it's not sexually arousing anymore. Then, for some reason, I get freakishly sensitive. This comes around and is mind-boggling. I'm so sensitive it makes me crazy and I often can't physically control myself if I'm using a vibrator, and remove it from my clit before I orgasm. After this still, I can hardly stand touching myself at all, I'm SO sensitive.
  5. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    Okay, Everyone seems to be Zigging on this one and I'm gonna Zag.

    Forced Orgasm play is something I love and have done a lot. Been doing it for a long time and with number of (very) different subs.

    Forced O's are not about niceties. First orgams are as different as snowflakes. but the immediate post orgasm reaction to stimulus is very simlilar for the majority of women. Supersensitivity after orgasm is normal and usual, even in men.

    Forced Female Orgams actually utilize that sensitivity. When the stimulus does not go away the body channels it and, after an initial resistance, just starts building toward another orgasm. It's really not something they have any conscious control over. A key here is to get to the first orgasm quickly so that numbness is not an issue. As both subspace and Innocent Facade have noted, after orgasm, numbness doesn't even enter into the picture. It's supersensitivity from that point on.

    This is a technique I've used for a lot of years and I've never seen it fail. Not once. First of all get a Hatichi Magic Wand Vibrator. There are a lot of vibes out there but none as numbness resistant as this one. It's powerful, intense and takes all the fun out of just one orgasm because it's so quick. It is perfect, though for Forced Orgasms.

    For the first few sessions, have your sub lie on her back in a comfortable but fully spread position. Tie her down so she can't move at all - arms, legs and, this is important, tie her knees too, just above the knee joint, so they will stay apart. Warm up with some low-to-medium intensity Be-fore-play.

    Lube the entire pubic area well. Then place the ring and middle fingers of your right hand (if right handed) inside her with your palm up. Curl the internal fingers so that they rub against the upper wall of her vagina and curl your external fingers so they are pointed upwards. Then place the Magic Wand vibe head into the palm of your hand and press it up against her clit/pubic bone area. After contact turn the vibe on low and cup your remaining fingers and thumb around the vibe head. Move your right hand, vibe and all in a slow in/out motion making sure your fingers inside her stay curled up and rubbing against her upper vaginal wall.

    Very few women last more than a couple of minutes before orgasm. After the first one, just continue to do the exact same thing until there's a second one. Do not pull the vibe away. The second Orgasm will probably take about the same time or slightly longer than the first, after that they will get closer together until they are about 30 to 45 seconds apart. After 5 to 7 she will be exhausted and in sensory overload. STOP. Good aftercare is critical here. She probably will not want to be touched for about a minute. Let her come down slowly, especially in the first few sessions.

    In my experience, about 1 in 5 or 6 women will reach a point where they are experiencing continous orgasms. the temptation is to play god and see how long it will last, Please don't do that. After a minute or three of continous cumming, be merciful, turn the vibe off.

    A website that does Forced Orgasm a lot is It's a paysite but if you type 'Hogtied" into google video search with your preferences set to allow porn, you should get at least a couple that show Forced Orgasms.

    Good luck war1022. let me know if it works well for you or If this is not what you had in mind.
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    Makes sense . . . but why? Sorry . . . I'm just curious /blush
  7. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    InFacade, mostly because I was giving advice to someone who appeared to be new to the technique. This is one of the most intensly physical things a couple can do together and since it's not overt pain the perception on the part of the Dominant is that you can't over do it. I mean, it's Orgasms, Right?! What feels better than orgasms? Well, if you just had a dozen, stopping feels better. You don't get to appreciate how amazing that was until it's over and your brain stops bubbling and all the muscles in your body relax for the first time in what seems like hours. It's not uncommon for ones entire body to be as sore as if you'd had a hard workout. which basically you did, especially the abs, groin and hip/thigh areas. Some thrash around so much that their wrists are really sore from pulling so hard against the restraints.

    I was only suggesting that war1022 use what he obviously already knows as an experienced Dom; follow the usual precautions when introducing something new, Start slowly and work your way up to find out where the limits are. Then toy with those. ;)
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  8. goodgirl

    goodgirl New Member

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    GreyMac is right. Get the first cum done quickly to avoid numbness. i love forced orgasm play.

    i like to be assigned a task like "watch this porno from start to finish with out touching." Being forbidden to touch gets me going of course and then some expert touching and a good vibe will get me off for the first time.

    From there being spread and tied is a good road to travel and it sort of feels like each orgasm is more intense than the last until i squirt (which is usually the most intense for me). By then i'm usually already begging for my partner to stop making me cum. After that i can maybe cum once more and then it starts to feel uncomfortable.

    i suppose that can be cured with training. lol i think a good toy for forced orgasms is a hitatchi magic wand and a nice dildo.
  9. war1022

    war1022 New Member

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    good time (by me)

    Well the first round of forced orgasms went pretty well. I got 5 good orgasms out of her before I moved on.

    Tied her spread and then added a pillow under her butt to jug out the area to be attacked.

    Used a very slow speed vibe directly on the clit for the first orgasm. She was ready and needing it, so it didn't take long.

    The second I played all around the clit without touching it with the vibe and she was squirming around pretty good trying to make contact. She was breathing pretty hard after this one.

    Third one I played with her head. Showed her a pretty good sized dildo and told her she would be getting it all at once and deep right after her first muscle contraction of her next orgasm. You could tell by the look on her face that the size was worrying her a bit. I used a pretty fast setting on the vibe and she was really starting to get sensitive and tried to get away from the vibe at the beginning. As she approached the point of no return I showed her the dildo and then let her have it as she went over the edge. She seemed to orgasm longer with this treatment.

    The next two orgasms really were hard on her and she was getting pretty vocal. I almost gave up on the fifth but she got there at the end. I was wanting a sore clit for the next round of play.

    It went very well and after talking about it later she enjoyed it also.

    Next round will be with ropes tightly on either side of her clit and the vibe only touching the ropes. The swelling of her lips/clit should make for some interesting forced orgasms.

    Thanks for all the tips and keep them coming.....I mean cumming.

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    Thats awesome it went so well!
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