Folsom Street Fair

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by TwistedSister, Aug 22, 2010.

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    Anyone going? This will be my first year. I have gone to the website for Folsom and seen the pix, etc. I am soooo excited to go. I would love to hear if anyone has gone before or is going this year. Sort of curious about the whole thing!:cool:
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    There are Folsom events held elsewhere too now (like one in Germany, for instance). I'd love to go, but haven't ever been. Have fun!
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    Oh I were there last year with my master
    It was sooooo amazing!
    You can see and meet so many people, no matter if good-looking, strange, interesting or what else
    The people there are soo open-minded, nobody looks askance at you
    We stayed there in a hotel near the folsom street
    when we walked around there foreign people asked my master if they could touch me or write some greetings on me
    they were all happy
    and EVERYBODY is welcome there
    newcomers can look around and see what BDSM is like
    hte experinced people can go around, buy some clothes or accesoire, have a quickie with their artner or foreign persons in a side road or even take part in the bondage and BDSM-shows on the folsom street
    I really love folsom and the open minded people there
    Me and my master will come back this year
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