First spanking, excited and nervous

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MidniteKitten, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. MidniteKitten

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    Yesterday night I had my first real spanking. It started off quite playfully enough with a light smack to the ass and I had a very positive verbal reaction to it. Soon though it started to progress in an effort to see how much I could handle. The slaps got harder and while I'd jump, yelp or squirm I still found myself very excited. Eventually the hand became my shoe, its a nice little flat slip on. Now the shoe hurt waaay more than I was expecting, but was still semi-enjoyable. I say that because while it hurt and I liked it, the sting was something else. I was very aroused and humiliated throughout the steady progression of intensity, I couldn't believe I was being hit with my own shoe! It was so personal and that sense of disbelief was such a rush. Eventually the spanking stopped and I was very "on". Nothing happened after sadly but I felt s proud of myself for being able to handle it and experience it for the first time. It was enthralling and sort of like a high, looking forward to it again. Keep in mind while I do like it the potential of pain from the damned shoe again is a pretty real threat. I now have these beautiful spotted purple bruises along my bottom, and a small one on the outside of my right thigh. I enjoy the marks, and constantly pop into the restroom to admire them in the mirror. Whenever I sit, lay down, or walk in a certain way I'm reminded they're there by a dull ache. I can't express enough how much I loved this impromptu session and to avoid rambling will cut off there.

    I'd also love to hear other peoples spanking stories, and what was used to spank. what hurts the most? What doesn't hurt all that much but hurts later? What leaves different kinds of marks? Where does it hurt to get spanked? I'm very curious!

    Alas though I will admit the bruises make me a bit it safe to be constantly getting bruised in the same place? Is there any adverse effects to being hit on a bruise? Is there any signs that I should keep an eye out for that is more serious than bruising?

    And in good courtesy, thank you ahead of time to everyone whom responds, I appreciate it very much.
  2. Sub4Life

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    I got my first spanking at 19. I remember it was when me and my master hadnt come out fully with our interest in D/s relationships, but we both kind of knew, you know? Well I was late for a date and he teased the whole night I was bad and needed a spanking. The teasing really excited me, and when he dropped me off I invited him inside for somthing to drink.

    He continued to tease me (he really had spanking me on his mind huh haha.) and when he didnt get any resistance from me he bent me over the table and pulled my jeans down. It was really frightening because I had only been seeing him a few months, he is quite a bit older than me, and I was a virgin at the time. But he only spanked me with his hand.

    Now he makes up exuses to spank me all the time, but I dont complain. In my opinion, being over his knee is the absolute turn on. Somthing about him being older and his accent (russian *squeals*) makes me feel really dominated.

    But when he is very mad at me, and I am at his apartment he will tell me to go get a belt from his closet, and he bends me over the kitchen table (cuz he knows I like being on his knee/lap) Now belts HURT. At least they hurt me, and that's why he does it. I enjoy the humbling aspect of it, but I have to tell you, I feel no pleasure from getting spanking by his belt. That's why he uses it as a punishment.

    But if I take it and don't complain to much (he likes little yelps) then I get cuddled afterward :D

    And I dont know about the bruise question, I only get real marks when I am getting my punishments. (aside from when he nips or sucks on my neck) Wish I could help..

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    Oh spanking, I love getting spanked. It can be the best and worst feeling. I love being bent over the knee and spanked with a hand, Sir bent me over the bed the other day and that was quite thrilling as well. I prefer the knee though, more personal. But when it comes to punishment, not being able to see what He's doing or know what He will be hitting me with until I feel it, that's scary. :)
  4. SirYakov

    SirYakov New Member

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    She makes me sound like barbarian. She was practially waving her bottom at me at me all night, I did not just bend her over and spank her...not like I do now ;)
  5. J zero

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    Caning by far hurts the worst. i almost gauruntee you wont enjoy caning, because its meant as a painful punishment.

    Although...some people enjoy the black marks left behind...
  6. MidniteKitten

    MidniteKitten New Member

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    Wow sub4life, that sounds very similar to what happened...very unexpected. Though I've never been over the knee yet and multiple people are saying that's the place to be, I'm quite intrigued by the idea.

    Bluelagoon1988 not knowing when its coming is the worst, the anticipation is so much worse than the blow. The other thing I find aggravating is when the shoe is just used as a soft "soothing" tool and then whack!

    Siryakov lol sounds quite funny hearing it from the 2 different perspectives. You seem to have quite the eager and very beautiful sub ;)

    J zero I never understood exactly why or what makes caning so painful. Is it the wood or plastic or whatever it be's thickness or the firmness? A very close friend of mine had suggested a wooden dowel like sold at craft stores might be just as effective...I am interested though in the black marks. Are they welt like bruises, how much do they hurt and is it safe. You got my mind thinking.....

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    My Master first spanked me before we knew that I was interested in the BDSM world. I was hanging out at his house after class one night and on my way out he spanked me, not very hard, just a kind of friendly pat on the butt. I had never been spanked before, other than as punishment bordering on abuse by my stepfather, but I was immediately turned on. He noticed and that sparked his interest in me... I was collared a few weeks (gosh, maybe only days) later.

    Since then he has spanked me with various things including a belt (our favorite) and a riding crop. Usually if he asks me to do something that requires going into another room I like to stand with my back to him and my butt out so he can spank me and send me on my way.
  8. MidniteKitten

    MidniteKitten New Member

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    ObedientLittlePuppy that's very interesting, it seems a lot of people are semi-unaware until the first spanking. The belt is one I've known of for a bit but haven't had the chance to experience. Riding crops sound painful >< but oh so interesting. Do you buy them at pet shops or at novelty shops? Thanks for responding! I love hearing from everyone!

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    Hehe, wrong puppy. I don't mind being confused with her though, she is very pretty and from what I can tell a very good pet.

    The riding crop came from a Tractor Supply. It was really funny because the lady asked if we owned horses and he said no but I said yes! I turned so red, as soon as we paid I ran right out and jumped in the car. It can sting more (much more) than the belt and it leaves little marks that Master loves to see. Sometimes he beats me with multiple objects for different patterns. I'll see if I can get him to take a picture of my next beating to post for you guys (it might be a while, I don't get to see him for over a month *cries*).

    I've also seen riding crops in "novelty" shops. Some are different shapes, some have shapes cut out to leave different marks, even words.

  10. subspace

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    I just got one of these but it is a leather paddle with heart cut-outs. It makes a great *whack* sound on contact and the promise of leaving the imprint is great incentive to hit harder. :D
  11. MidniteKitten

    MidniteKitten New Member

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    Sorry puppypuppypuppy! I skim read a lot, we'll not skim, but read very very fast, usually my comrehension is pretty good but now and then I do have a fail moment.

    A tractor supply store? How I'm sure I'd end up doing the same thing and turning beet red.

    These shape onese are interesting, I've seen a few on online shops, usually though the ones I've seen say things rather than have shapes. I can't imagine how I'd explain a bruise that says "slut" I fell? Lol

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    Hehe, all this confusion :D

    I remember the first spanking my master gave me. I could only take 4 slaps to my arse, but that was all I could take, it was that intense. And yet I loved it, and knew then, that this was the right thing for me to do :)

    I had to take a good beating at the weekend. This consisted of 12 slaps, 12 with a flogger, 12 with a belt (one of those soft webbing belts) and another 12 by hand. I only got to the first couple of floggings when I started thinking about dropping my safetoy; the spanking was pretty okay but the flogging was really heavy. However, I refused to give up, and endured all 48 beatings (plus an extra 10 for refusing to count my beatings aloud). I felt really proud of myself for enduring that, and my master felt the same way, as proven by his repeated claims :)

    He's talking about caning me, but I'm absolutely terrified at that prospect :( I bought us a cat toy, a mouse dangling by a string from a stick, and he wants to beat me with this stick. But I'm more interested in another flogger I saw a while back; long black braided tails, each with a stitched leather red rose and leaves at the end. It's really gorgeous, and I want it so much! :D
  13. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    My Master has only caned me twice. I don't really enjoy it while it's happening, but he looooves it, and I love the inticipation and the knowlage he has so much power over me and if he wanted, he could do some serious damage, which he never does of course.

    Don't be too scared, theres always an out if it gets to be to much. You might enjoy it :)

    Should only be done if you don't mind large bruises/welts lol

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    Man that's a rough beating! I've gotten up to 15 or 20 before Master stops. He likes to break me but he knows I push myself pretty far to please him and he doesn't want me to push myself too far.

    Why didn't you count? Master makes say thank you (or thank you, Sir) and count for every beating. Sometimes it takes a minute and I'm always afraid of miscounting (we would have to start all over again!). The only time he doesn't have me count is when my chew toy is in my mouth. I like counting during the beating, when he increases the number of lashes he gives me it makes me feel proud to be able to take them without complaint. *shrug*


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    Well, I did want to count, but unfortunately I'm still suffering with emotion/confidence issues, mental blocks, whatever you want to call them, when it comes to things like that. My master is doing his best to help, through the best encouragement possible, to rid me of this problem, but unfortunately this is taking some time :(

    And well, as I said, I'm proud of myself for taking all that, as I feel I have now pushed one of my limits to make things easier to take :) My master took a couple of pics about halfway through the punishment, so maybe I'll post them here :)

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