First Punishment

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  1. Sleepy

    Sleepy New Member

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    Since I've never introduced myself, I feel awkward posting an intimate story, but not so awkward that I won't. First of all I'd like to point out that while my girl and I have been dating long distance for about six months, I used to live in town with her for about two years, so we didn't mean long distance, and certainly plan to have her move in with me in the next few years.

    Well, my girl and I have been in an ever-increasingly D/s relationship, and lately it's been getting much more serious. She has referred to me as Master for some time, but I've never really demanded much from her because she's always done the few things I asked without question. She doesn't orgasm without permission, and she doesn't touch herself without asking first, so I was happy that she was relying on me so much. Finally though she did something that I considered fairly rude. During a phone conversation, she fell asleep, we're on different time zones, but I've told her before that if she needs to sleep to say something. I told her that I would come up with a punishment, and she left it at that.

    A little while later, I reminded her about her falling asleep in passing so that she would apologize and it would be in her mind again, then I told her that I had a punishment in mind for her that I would use. She began getting quite obviously curious and began trying to get information from me, so I told her that for every question she asked, the punishment would be extended, and I wouldn't promise to answer the questions. After hours of her doing everything she could to not ask any questions, she slowly forgot about it. During one of our later phone sex sessions, she began begging for climax, and I told her to try to hold it a little longer. When she came to the point that she could no longer hold it, I told her to stop, and take her hand away. Confused and surprised she obeyed, but began to whimper. I told her she was allowed to beg and she did so. I waited about ten seconds, and proceeded to command her to continue where she left off, and soon after she began begging once more and told me she needed to again. A second time I told her to stop and she obeyed, though this time she sounded frantic, almost amazed that her usually generous Master would suddenly have found such a method of punishment. I didn't want to keep her to late though, and it was beginning to get somewhat late for her so on the third one, when she was shivering so hard I could hear it in her voice, I finally allowed her.

    I have never before experienced or witnessed edging performed, but I was more than amazed at how well she took to it, and how well her orgasm sounded. I've never heard her moan like that before, and the "thank you's" and "I love you's" that followed cemented my belief in this as a very useful method of punishment. She and I have agreed to work on getting her to be able to edge for a longer period of time. While I haven't told her yet, I'd like to see about getting her to go without climax for a full week. As it stands she has to call me every time she thinks about sex or wants to play with herself at all, so this will be entertaining to see how much more often she contacts me. When she finally moves in with me, I want her to be prepared for a chastity belt, so I think this is a good first step.
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  2. daisypussy

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    i wish to be a part of it
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  3. Sleepy

    Sleepy New Member

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    I've never considered play with anyone but my pet, I don't know what she would say about it, but I will consider talking to her about it. I think if the situation was different, where she could be involved as well, then I'd be more apt to do so. I'd much rather keep my pet involved in anything I do in that fashion.

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