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    I must say that I was nervous my first go with my master. I was very worried that the emotions from our previous relationship would cloud my role as a slave. On the contrary, all the emotion I have inside for my master made me want to please him all that much more. I originally thought that when he went into his role as Master (we do not have a 24/7 d/s relationship) that any and all empathy, kindness, and heartfelt emotion would go out the window. I was so wrong.

    We shared 3 wonderful scenarios that night, each building my tolerance, starting with touch deprivation (as I'm a very handsy person), Then clothespins on my breasts, slowly increasing to 6 total while still pleasing him, then moving on the the crop whip. I loved how my master rewarded me when he was pleased with how I had done. I have to say over all my favorite was the whip!! We had plans to bring rope into play, unfortunately we didn't get that opportunity.

    We are very eager for our next play date, whenever that may be since we live 90 miles apart :-( However, the tenderness that was left over from the experience served as a nice reminder for a good week of how much I enjoyed serving him!!!
    We have decided that in between our play dates, I can work and build upon my own pain tolerance so that when we do get together again, I can withstand more and please him better.

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    Fantastic! I am really pleased for you.

    Will you be doing any remote D/s? Webcams and such?

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    It is something we may get into, but I get so much more out of it being in his presence! He couldn't wait another week to play so he is going to finance my little trip out to see him tonight. He says he's going to tie me up finally and work on posture and more pain tollerance. He's instructed me to arrive wearing the dress I wore the very first time we met yet without panties and to bring my toy box.....I'm so eager I can hardly sleep!
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