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    ADMIN: I have no idea is this message too straight forward, if it is, do let me know and I will clean it ok. Obrigado.

    I am Finnish 36 yo. Master. I am checking internationally what the world has to offer and I find the land of Brazil very lovely.

    Shortly about me:
    - 36 yo.
    - straight Dom / Master
    - blond with long hair
    - blue eyes
    - 182 cm tall
    - I speak Finnish, English and some Swedish e um pouco portuguese.

    My nick in forums and parties is Huge Bastard, which reflects me when I am having a session. Little bit of my ways.

    When in session, I am called ’Isäntä’ and failing to call me that is bad behavior and will be punished. Punishment = something not nice, it doesn’t mean getting spanked, if you like spanking, you won’t get the whip. Also I have zero tolerance when it comes to rebelling subs: you will probably be tied 75-100%:ly and rebelling will earn you a break from the fun I am doing to you. If you want to rebel, be my guest and do it elsewhere, I am not into that kind of play so don’t waste my time. I am NOT into spanking, that is just… boring to me. Flocker is a great tool for my purposes. Slapping is ok but only as part of the process I am going through with the toy. I love beautiful women and I want to keep them that way: spanking their asses black and blue is just like shitting in a sports car so if you’re into that, move on.

    What I love in sessions are forced orgasms, orgasm control, mind fucking and what I call anatomy play (too long to explain, come and try). All kinds of fucking is also fun, especially with a sub who has ‘survived’ a good session. I wrote this because I want to save my time, if this doesn’t suit you, you’re not up for my play.

    Finding some subs from Brasil would be ok, but mainly I would like to meet people from BDSM area from another country, other Masters also welcome. One thing I want to mention is that even that I am Finnish, I don’t drink at all nor I smoke.

    Master Finland aka Huge Bastard.
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