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    Mizz Pocahontas,

    Would you mind explaining what the thrill would be for the slaves/submissives? They spend their hardearned cash on you...who may very bloody well be a 70-year old obese male with a talent for computertechnology and profilewriting. Do you get my pointe?

    I do not mean to sound too condecending, but I have never understood the idea of "financial domination". Sure - for your part, although I personally find it a tad undignified. But for the serious submissive wanting to impress a Domme and who's conjuring up mental scenarios of you by miracle should fall for him if he only spends enough money...I simply don't get it.

    Again - this is not meant to be a personal attack. I merely want to be...let's call it "enlightened".
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    I totally agree. Out of experience, I've found that most financial dominants (this is a generalisation... not all are like this so don't take me out of context!) are simply in it for a quick buck. I'd also like to know what the attraction for a sub is.
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