Fetish Speed Dating! (NYC)

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    This is for everyone that's looking for that special someone to share their kink with. Please read below kinksters:

    There are some things that are too Good to be true. This is not one of them. This is perfect and it's for everyone that's ready to meet that special someone. So what is it that you're into? humiliation, feet, spankings? Whatever it is my fetish speed dating gathering will have someone there you can connect with. Come, flirt and date a couple of people at this discreet event created by someone that is a lover by day and a kinkster by Night.

    If you are tired of people talking about it on here,people looking for sessions, come to this amazing meet and greet where the setting is comfortable and like an awesome first date. Bring real intimacy back in your life, find that special someone you can connect with on every level. The next event is on Thursday, April 29th, in New York City (East Village). If interested, leave me a message. I'll gladly answer your questions. Been doing this for about a year and made some nice couples. You can be honest about your kink because everyone will have one. This is not a fetish party, this is for those who are ready to meet that special person. For Females and Males. Dating is hard but I help make it easier. Be spontaneous in person, don't worry ill be there to help :)

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    Are you like a spammer?
    Or could you just not figure out where to post this?
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    That goes in the "personals" section, yes?
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    the OP posted this thread 4 times in 4 different sections

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    @ Sillylittlepet. Hi there, I am not a spammer. I am new and I apologize for posting on here if that's not allowed please feel free to let me know where and i will do it. Sorry again guys.

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    lol no its fine, it just seemed a little weird!

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