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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by missjaysumms, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Me and my girlfriend have been wearing chastity belts with anal plugs for a time now with great results.

    I want to take it a little further. Along with a vaginal insert of some kind, I want to use a urethral plug on her. I demand that she present her Internet history to me, and I have seen her looking into this as well. But... Where do I find one!

    All the sites I've found are for men. Does anyone know of a site that sells these for women, or of plugs that work for any sex?

    I'd like something she can pee through, as well as something long.


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    I'm no medical expert, but maybe somebody else could clarify. Isn't this very high risk?

    In hospitals the medical staff seem OK if you're constipated for several days, but if you don't take a pee each day they will intervene with a catheter.

    What I'm worried about is that this kind of plug might lead to internal trauma caused by "holding it in".

    My second concern is that there could be a risk of infection using plugs like this.

    If you're finding it hard to locate this kind of plug, then maybe there's just too much risk associated with them.

    But like I said - I don't have professional qualifications in this area.

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    I'm thinking she means more like sounding than stopping it, and if that's what you mean MissJay, I'd google female sounding rods and so on. the only thing I know about it is that it's harder than male.

    I think that in hospitals the lack of urine worry is more a matter of someone being incredibly dehydrated, but urine should definitely not be stoppered (or even held too too long), the build up of uric acid can kill you. Remember the story of the lady who died in a pee-holding contest?
  4. missjaysumms

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    Thanks for the responses guys,

    Don't worry, I (and my girlfriend) have done good research on the subject. I am not looking to use a sounding rod on her for extended periods of time (though we have purchased a set for short term use). Maybe I wasn't clear in my original post.

    What I want for the long term use is basically a thin piece of hollow tube that is inserted into the urethra and can pass urine through.

    We have ways to sterilize our toys and such, so that isn't a problem. I just need to find the right kind of tube for this.

    Also... If you share this kink (men and women) please know what you're doing before you go shoving things in your urethera. UTIs are no fun and I don't believe that your fetish includes an embarrassing trip to the ER.

    Thanks again, still looking,

    Mistress Jordan.
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    I don't have a tube for you, but sounds like you know what you're doing. Just watch out for pointy rims on it when you find one :) Good luck.

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