Female switch looking for either a female Dom or sub

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by SlaveGirlJenny, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Right first things first I WON'T go on cam until I trust you I have loads of picture in my underwear to prove my being real and all so that is not a problem
    So I have resently got back Into my kinky side and wish to explore this now sorry guys as you may no 1 pussy is worth a million cocks just a fact girls are more fun the only exception is VERY CONVINCING CDs/TVs
    If anyone is interested or know someone who is interested please feel free to Pm for more details thanks you
    Jen x
    Your future slut or owner take your pic ;)
  2. Volkvolkmem

    Volkvolkmem Member

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    So where are these pics that your talking about? Hmmm? /:)
  3. fairystail

    fairystail New Member

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    Have to agree with youid prefer having fun with 1 girl over a million guys any day :p
  4. Crazyguy123

    Crazyguy123 Member

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    It's times like this that I wish I could be a girl, but there are far too many cons to being one, in my opinion. Damn I wish I was a shape shifter, so I could switch back and forth any time I wanted to, at my own convenience. Then all the girl doms who preferred girls over guys could have me, but unfortunately, I am not a shape shifter.
  5. sl.gh13

    sl.gh13 Member

  6. brettcole

    brettcole New Member

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    Would love for you to make me your little girl slave...I'm M but loving being a F for my mistress.
  7. sexaddict

    sexaddict New Member

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    I'm up for having you as my slave
  8. gothicjedi666

    gothicjedi666 Member

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    You never go on cam for me :(
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