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    Divorced twice female, very dominent and sadistic towards other females and very submissive to men. Primarily lesbian, but also bi. I enjoy watching a man put another female in pain and experiment with asphyxia on her. I am often depressed and attempted suicide twice. I often think of hanging myself, but not lately. I have pierced another females breasts completely through while she was bound and gagged on orders from my second ex-husband. I enjoy watching a man beat and punch another female. I am tall, but rather flat chested, with large areola and weigh 120 pounds. I enjoy watching hanging movies on the internet. I am over thirty but well under forty. I have long blond hair parted in the middle and enjoy bikers, Harleys, and men with balls. I enjoy riding on the back of a motorcycle. I enjoy outdoor S & M games assisting a man in causing another woman pain.
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    Did you attempt suicide by hanging or another means & do you enjoy a high tollerance for pain?
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    I used to own a Harley. What a money pit.

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