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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by BarelyLegalToy, May 17, 2013.

  1. BarelyLegalToy

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    Why do you think there are so many more Male doms than female? Maybe it's just me but that always seems to be true. Also, who do you think are more intense? Male or Female Doms?
  2. Smallest

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    I don't know why there seem to be more male doms than female doms, but it might have something to do with societal gender roles (eg, men being raised to think they should be the dom.

    I don't think intensity varies with gender.
  3. applethini

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    it's in the chemicals that drive us. Testosterone and estrogen. along with childhood upbringing and societal upbringing. but I believe most of it is chemically based. for most people of course. there's always the few outliers. The super manly man. dominate at work and around friends, but loves being tied down or forced to take it in the rear. I'm a weird one. loaner in school that got along with all the groups. quite and watchful, but quick to take control and got into "A type" personality. I think I can be a Dom because of that. I started watching porn fairly early. and started going into "the fringe" not long after, so I think that's why I can be a Sub. also i feel it's more fun to be a male sub.
  4. adultfulltilt.com

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    Dominance and submission is controlled by hormones, t-levels and estrogen, as well as what side of the brain is most dominant. Left side of the brain is more Dominant, right side tends to be more submissive. So there are many physical factors, psychology effects include: emotions, childhood experiences, teenage experiences, traumas, good experiences, pretty much anything that was a sexual highlight or sexual trauma will factor into ones role in the bedroom. I find that most Dom women in public are little sub kittens behind closed doors, and quiet shy polite sub in public will be the most controlling Dom woman you will meet in the bed. This applies to men as well. As far as intensity, I think it may appear more intense because it is not as common to the man to meet a GOOD Femdomme as opposed to a Maledom to a woman. But another though how can we know the intensity that a woman experiences when having a session with a Maledom?

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