Female bottom in TN seeks Dom+

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    I am a 28 year old bi bottom in Tennessee. In truth, I have known I have been a masochist for several years, and have known I have loved to please, but never quite knew the pleasures of serving a Master until a short time ago (alas, He had to release me, but that is my own tale I keep private). I am educated in the ways of the lifestyle, but have not lived it, if that makes any sense.

    I am seeking more of a serious relationship than just something basic. I want to please. I am eager for it. I will admit to not being fully trained in all aspects, but I am willing. My heart is huge, but full of fire. I am a child at heart, but I am a woman still.

    I would prefer someone 21-40 in age. I would prefer someone closer to me as I do not have the means to travel, but in truth, I do not care. What you look like does not matter. I do have my standards in many things and I have my lines I will not cross, but we can discuss those, should you decide to contact me.

    AIM: DecWolf1001 Yahoo: december9653
    www.myspace.com/keeshaba www.keeshaba.deviantart.com
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    I am now happily owned. Thank you. :)

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