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    We all no that us subs/slaves enjoy pleasing our Masters/Mistresses, and some of us really take it hard when we do something wrong or something that angers/disappoints/upsets our Dom. My Master doesn't get angry at me often, nor do I misbehave often. But lately I've been doing small things by accident, and they are either slightly angering or annoying my Master, and I get really really upset, scared, and very very angry. I don't know why I get really angry, or who I get angry at, because it feels like my anger is directed towards him, but I wanna say its directed towards myself. Does anyone else get really angry when they do something accidentally to displease there Dom? Does anyone else feel like going into complete hysterics and a full-on emotional breakdown when you do these little accidental things that you know you're Master isn't happy about?

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    I always get upset if my master is displeased with something I've done. I just really hate giving him cause to be upset with me.

    We always talk through whatever has gone wrong, and smooth things over. But I tend to still be quietly upset for some time after the situation has been sorted, and then, once I'm over the upset, I tend to start feeling really self conscious at having been upset :confused:
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    The more power you give you Dominate the more dependant you become.
    So displeasing your Dominate has a much greater impact on your emotions than if you say just dis please your boss. You have turned you life over to this person so it becomes an imperative to make them happy because your own happiness is dependant on theirs.

    The anger you feel is probably a result of your frustration at your own failings and your Master's rules. This is not to say you resent your Master...........
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