Favorite Punishments?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by thinmint7, Jun 9, 2012.

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    Alrighty, so I am wondering what are other peoples favorite punishments to use or have done to them? I like pain so I am looking for ideas that do not strictly involve pain to be effective (tho some pain is fun ;)).

    *EDIT* Is there a way I can change this to make it more clear??
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    By virtue of timezones I'll beat Sebastian to this comment, but just a hat tip to him because he's made this point in the past.

    There's a distinction between an act that a Dom performs "in-scene" as a way to progress the roleplay, and a true punishment.

    The first involves things that are well within the limits of the sub, and that in reality the sub enjoys.

    The second, the punishment act, is chosen specifically because the sub does not like it, however it has to be something that is agreed to be within the hard limits of the sub.

    I hope that makes sense :)

    Let me give an example.

    A non-pain roleplay act might involve some kind of ritual. If you roleplay using a specific scenario (like teacher and naughty schoolgirl) then such an act could involve writing out something humiliating like "I must not behave like a cheap whore in public" one hundred times.

    This kind of punishment can be pushed further. For example, the Dom can pace around you as you write the lines out. He can lean over your shoulder and complain about spelling, or untidiness. He can snatch a partially completed paper away, rip it up in front of you, and make you start again.

    A real punishment is often an act of corporal punishment that is more severe than the CP you would accept in a roleplay. For example, in a punishment the Dom might strike you on the back of your calves instead of your ass. Or on the back of your hands (careful not to strike too hard there).

    Different couples have very different ideas of what a punishment entails. You mentioned that your Dom is still getting used to the idea of S&M, and so I would urge you to keep your fantasies dialled back a little at this stage. For example, one punishment scenario might involve the sub eating dog food (I'm choosing an extreme example here). This is pretty gross for many people, and if you suggested it to your Dom it could cause him to react very badly.

    So let's say the idea of this as a punishment appeals to you. How could you adapt it and not gross him out?

    Instead of dog food, use a can of beef stew, or meatloaf or something fit for human consumption. He could still make you eat it from a dog bowl on the floor, with you wearing a collar.

    I need to go and make my wife a cup of tea now...will write more later :)


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    OK...Mistress is happy with her breakfast in bed with the Sunday papers.

    • The Tazapper. Totally safe, reproducable pain. Impossible to get carried away. http://www.toystoysonline.com/electric2.htm

    • Use a cane, but just tap...don't strike. Continue tapping and tapping on the same place. Possibly increase the strength until the sub begs for mercy.

    • Nipple clamps. Yummy!

    • Personally, male chastity. But I know that thinmint is a female sub. Female chastity is a lot more complicated from what I can judge, and good devices have to be tailor made and cost a fortune.

    • Humiliation punishments. When I was a Dom to a girl many years ago a simple humiliation was to make her wear sexy lingerie (corset, stockings etc.) under her clothes in public. The best time was a dinner with her parents, who were very traditional. She was so turned on by the time we got home :)

    • Other good humiliation includes making the sub wear a butt plug & having to ask permission to visit the bathroom.

    • I love licking her ass for ages - particularly after I've given her a massage. After a long time of being less than comfortable with me doing it, my Mistress is now OK with it. She particularly likes me fingering her to a climax while I'm doing it.

    • Something I even do today as a sub is that my Mistress wears one of these remote control egg vibrators in her pussy. I have the control, and we use it in very mundane situations like grocery shopping, or at the cinema. I tell her it's my way to show her I'm thinking of her :)

    • One of my favorite things is if I'm tied up, and my Mistress gives me a drink by taking the liquid (still water works best) into her mouth, and then kissing me so the water flows into my mouth. It can be a very sensual experience.
  4. Moonlight

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    I had to LOL at the dog food. I have friends who tried it out of curiosity. One said it was not that bad while another lost their lunch over the taste. One of our friends is an over the road truck driver. He was suppose to deliver chicken to a dog food plant but when he got there there the quality was not up to their quality requirements so when he called his dispatcher she sent him over to the place that makes name brand canned soup. They took it no problem.... I have been sure to have all of my soup home made after that.

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    Ugh! Yes...not the first "processed food" horror story I've heard :)
  6. thinmint7

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    OMG! That is so awesomely gross guys!! Hehe!! I am glad to see that dogs are getting more quality food ;).

    OK, I see keep the punishments playful still and work towards harsher. We definitely have not played with humiliation out right, but we have done very mild forms. :)

    Thank you for the ideas, I am really bad at coming up with punishments. Haha :D!
  7. Moonlight

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    LOL Mild forms huh. I get the god I need to go dig a hole and hide embarrassment so easily it doesn't take much for me. Of course my husband loves that. The worst was when he was groping me in a grocery store and some lady said I know you two are having a lot of fun but can I get to the bread please. Dear gawd I nearly died.

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    One comment on the move from mild to harsh "punishments".

    A mild punishment can become harsh through repetition.

    For example, a tap on the back of your legs with a cane might not hurt if done once. But repeated a couple of times a second for a minute or so...

    A shock from the Tazapper isn't really painful (OK...if it's used on the nipple or the end of the penis, or clit it does tend to focus one's attention), but used again and again over the course of a half hour, with the sub tied up...it transforms from "mild" to "harsh".

    The great thing about starting mild is that if the Dom goes too far then the sub can safeword out of the scene - or use a warning word like "amber". If you start "harsh" there's really no way back if you've gone too far.

    A good Dom will combine physical punishment with a psychological challenge. For example, if the sub is tied up in an uncomfortable position then the Dom can give the impression that they'll be untied, but then they "pull the rug" from under the sub by saying something like "let's start over..."

    Sometimes you see this in good S&M movies. A Dom or Domme will pause in a whipping and put down the whip. Then, after maybe talking to the sub they walk over and pick the whip up again. The sub thought the punishment was over, but they are wrong :)
  9. thinmint7

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    Ooo yay! Like teasing, but way more fun! I like the idea of building up to harsh, then we can learn what harsh is to me pain wise and can add that to the psychological and build from there.

    So one thing I have noticed is a lot of the training for subs seems fairly universal, are there basic guidelines people follow or just chance they are alike?

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    Hmmm. Good question.

    I think the similarity partly comes from the fact that common sense is somewhat universal. Any good advice about S&M begins with the common sense ideas of safety and communication, for example.

    Once you have those foundations you need to build on them to suit your own fantasies, and within your own limits.
  11. Mercyful Fate

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    I very much like to spank. It gives me pleasure.
  12. Roland

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    My favorite punishments to hand out are all quasi-mental like telling her stay in the same position next to me with no allowed physical contact or allowed communication until I initiate it. She just has has to stare up at me longingly until I choose to acknowledge her.
  13. sebastian

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    Roland, I rather like that one.
  14. Roland

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    Thanks, Sebastian. I am learning fast, with plenty of help from all of your awesome posts.

    What I like to do while she is staring up at me is read an eBook or something like that. Then, put it down and snap some photos of her while mildly berating her for whatever she needs to be punished for. Then I upload them to my computer and tell her as I am doing it that "these are going in the BAD GIRL folder." Only after that do I allow her to relax.
  15. sebastian

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    One trick I use that some slaves really like is chanting. The posture for chanting is standard: kneeling, facing into a corner (like a child being disciplined), forehead on the floor (which forces the ass up slightly). The chant varies. It can be punishment ("I am a bad slave because I disobeyed an order. I am ashamed to be a bad slave"), or it can be for training purposes ("I am an obedient slave. Obeying my master gives me pleasure"). Most of the slaves report that the posture humiliates them, and chanting the same thing over and over for 10-15 minutes focuses them on a particular idea.

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