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    Hello, hello... I'm new in the forum, I'm Falcon3D and just to introduce to you my new two sites where I work with digital images, my sites are "Femvolution" and "Herworld"

    Femvolution it's about amazon and tall women against short men, I will also add mini-giantess in there, but first I love amazon women...

    Herworld it's also about domination but in a different point of view, women has supernatural powers and they use them against the men, to have fun with them, for example if you watched Bewitched, you could imagine what a modern Samantha could have done with Darrin, or in "I Dream of Jeannie" the inocent and cute Jeanine had toyed with the Major Nelson as many times as she had wanted, there are few SW there, but not so helpless for example there is a faery against a huge giant man and she plays with her power with him...

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    and some HerWorld pics...

    you can check my site, there are some more previews there, I couldn't upload here more, because the size limit or the pics

    thanks and enjoy


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