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    Master texted me from work instructing me on various ways to tease/edge myself for over an hour, but now he says I can’t cum until I get permission from at least 25 strangers in a row.

    If anyone tells me no, the count starts over again, and you can tell me to do other things to tease myself, and I have to do it. I can only cum if 25 people consecutively give me permission.

    I’m sitting here with a vibe buzzing away inside me, a hitachi wand on low (with a dimmer switch) against my clit, and I’m not allowed to shut them off or move unless someone else is suggesting something. I have to keep teasing my nipples when my hands aren’t typing. I’ve never been this pent up in my life.

    I have some clothes pins and suction toys for my nipples. They are insanely sensitive (I’ve often wondered if I could cum just from nipple play, they are that sensitive). If you decide to withhold permission, these are some things you can suggest I use on myself. The vibes I have are low to high settings and are wall-outlet toys, no batteries dying. I’m sure there are other things, my limits are only regarding human waste and blood. I can’t post photos.

    This is is a punishment for forgetting to pack his lunch last night and rushing to do it this morning. I almost made him late for work

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    I'll tie u up n gag u before I ravage your body....btw I have a credit card n I'm not afraid to use it hehe
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