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  1. SaFireRose

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    Seeking the unconventional amongst the unconventional.

    I'm not a girlfriend.
    I'm not a lover.
    I'm not a wife.
    I'm not a mother.
    If you start out with those as preconceived notions for a foundation, move along.

    I'm not a submissive.
    I'm not a player.
    If you seek this here I warned you, move along.

    I am an unowned slave.

    You are an artist.
    You are the rarest of rare.
    Your definitions become my lines of direction.
    Define me.
    Your eyes, lips and fingers scribble and draw, reckless, careless and fully aware.
    Flay me.

    I promise not to waste your time.
    I promise not to ask for time.
    I do promise to appreciate your time!

    Ideally, I am best put to use in a country/small city setting, even a farm(ing) environment falls into that category.

    I can guarantee I'm not f**king around.
    I can guarantee I'm for real.
  2. Lord_one

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  3. Mistress Paris

    Mistress Paris New Member

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    **Lord one ** Shes a Slave dumb ass. Not a bottom.

    Your writing is very refined little one. I wish I could offer you a home but alas I need someone who can be as much a part of my relationship as my family. Good luck in your search
  4. masterandmouse

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    Re Your Profile

    Hi I think we answered your ad on collarme under the same name were still interested feel free to write back.
  5. ReallyGreen

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  6. Cz84

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  7. RayMann7777

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    I agree with the sentiment expressed by Mistress Paris. Your writing is thoughful and thought provoking. You are intelligent and will require a Master who likewise is as intelligent, challenging, open, and self-aware... To share space with such a sweet one would be both an honor and a joy, living each moment as a adventure in the exploration of the possible.. Such a delight... I invite you to write me.. Ray
  8. Tarl Cabot

    Tarl Cabot New Member

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    If I am correct in understanding, what you are stating is that you will serve to your fullest. But you will not be abused.
  9. Death

    Death Member

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    I'm pretty sure she means that she, in fate, maybe, is an actual slave, as she always has been (since eternity, maybe), and not just someone posing as a slave.
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  10. Sparrow69

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    Death is partially correct in this statement. As someone whom embraces a Master stance in a Master/slave relationship, there is a very broad difference between slave and submissive. A slave if for life, with no limitations including things that would lead to ones own death, whereas a sub has an agreement of what is and is not allowed.

    SaFire Rose, I would like to discuss this with you in further detail, as i do have an opening. Please PM me if you are still searching to be completed.
  11. pyroaquatic

    pyroaquatic Member

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    She wishes to be carved into the most beautiful things, like a block of wood... or molded like a slab of clay in eyes of a Master, and His Accordance.

    a true slave drowing (im not saying i would drown a slave it is just an example) would want
    Master more than air.

    This is akin to the Samurai in Nippon.
  12. chicagofun1

    chicagofun1 New Member

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    HI, CALL.......
    773-960-8250... or yours?
    no games or strings, discreet, n side chicago
    fun, cool, clean, safe, sexy, strong, swm.....

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