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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by pam69, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. pam69

    pam69 New Member

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    Im from Canada. Im looking for a Master to serve. I live to serve my Master only. I am for his use. To fuck- when he desires.

    Online only. No exceptions.
  2. kane101

    kane101 New Member

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    pam69, I have just read this post. You are exactly what i am looking for, i would be happy to be ur online master. If you are interested pm me.

  3. kixfix

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  4. kixfix

    kixfix Member

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    where are you??
  5. kixfix

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  6. MasterN

    MasterN New Member

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    Female want to be a slave to me? If so then send a pic of your tits, ass, pussy, and one of your whole nude body, one of clamps on ur nipples and clit, one of two figers in ur pussy, one of two fingers in your ass, one of u cumming, and one of ur face in ur cum puddle in a email to mastern6845@yahoo.com. U must do this before I will accept u as my slave. i want to see how submissive u are.
  7. ariez

    ariez New Member

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    Female switch looking for same . Send Pics .
  8. sl.gh13

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  9. mscpl

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  10. hawkuk1

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