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  1. TwistedSister

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    I know this will vary from group to group and person to person. I would very much appreciate anyone responding with their definition of the following words (in the BDSM realm):

    Thank you much.
  2. thinmint7

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    family is family- whether blood or not
    pack to me is family but not always your choice
    sister is shared and relates to age play
    group is anyone with similar interests

    what do they mean to you TwistedSister?
  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    For me (in order of how likely I am to use it that way)

    Family- A poly group, either a "family" because they are each other's household family (not incestuously, but living situation wise) OR a group of various age players with moms, dads, siblings etc.

    Pack- A group of animal role players, usually who rather than being pets exchange power between each other as animals (eg a pack of wolves) OR a group of primal players

    Sister- Either a woman serving the same dom as the one using the term OR a close friend who helps one in the life style OR a play term for incest/age play

    Group- Not many connotations, can be players or just a group who hold munches and whatnot
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I would generally read those words the way Smallest does. Some gay kinksters use wolfpack metaphors, with the leader being the alpha male and the subs and secondary doms arranged below him.

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