Everyones favourite fetish????

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by mistressrebex, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. mistressrebex

    mistressrebex New Member

    So I love being dominant to my boyfriend/slave. He is a great sub and takes anything his mistress throws at him. I love to tie him up and deal out a little pain, maybes some nipple clamps or a whipping. Like to make him clean my shoes and then i'll stand on him with them. Its great to be in control of him and punish him however i want. its great to let him know where he stands and if he steps outta line dole out a great big punishment. Also lets me get exactly what I want ;) If i want some oral I get it if i want nothing I get it. Its great!

    So just wondering what eveyone elses favourite fetish is and what you lot love doing. Am new to the forum. Dont be shy.....I only bite sometimes ;).
  2. mistressrebex

    mistressrebex New Member

    Thanks. Sorry didnt know
  3. OLP - You're too much! "Been there, done that, got the bruises to show for it" LMAO
  4. What does that mean? :(
  5. My variation on the old "Been there, done that, got the souvenir... "

    Maybe it's a US saying... In other words, "this has already been done, move on... "
  6. I wasn't rude or nasty about it though :(
  7. No, not at all!!! I was just amused. Thats why I was laughing. You were very succinct. ;-) Sorry, I was up late the other night and when exhaustion sets in I really shouldn't be allowed to post... I'm way too easily amused when I get like that. To give you an idea, I thought this was just BEYOND hysterical at 12:30 in the morning... lol

  8. Ah, right :D

    Sorry, but lately I've been having the opposite problem, reading insults and accusations in things people say, that aren't even there :( I'll try to get back to being happy again soon, promise :)
  9. awwww *scratches puppy behind the ear*

    Never think anything but the best from me OLP! I'm too nice for my own good most of the time... lol

    Btw - Love the new avatar. Very cute!
  10. Aww, cheers :)
  11. juanmarcel

    juanmarcel New Member

    curling irons

    I love to masterbate with a curling iron. I've been playing with them ever since I was just a boy (maybe started when I was ten.) There great to rub up and down on the shaft as they warm up, or to clamp up the balls and see just how long you can take it. When you get it right , you peak out just as it gets too hot for direct contact. You can use them when they're all fired up too, just with layers of cloth. I remember when i was young, I'd be visiting some friend of my Mom's and would see one on the counter in the bathroom. Well, before anyone might think I was on the toilet "a little too long", Iwould be finished with my little session.. (It takes ALOT longer these days.) I also love them anally, OMG! Obviously you have to be careful or I guess your crossing over into branding. Anyone else done or heard of this kind of play?
  12. subspace

    subspace Member

    The only time I have heard/read about the use of curling irons in this manner is in the case of extreme torture of the non-consent type.
    I can see how it could be used in more a pleasurable manner by the way you describe it.
    I could personally not play with a curling iron that is on out of pure fear of getting burnt. After using an iron everyday on my hair since I was 10 I have had my share of nasty burns and would not be able to get passed those thoughts to enjoy it.
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